An amendment to the Investment Company Act of 1940 called H.R. 2627 Increasing Investor Opportunities Act was introduced to the US congress a few months ago. It will allow publicly traded mutuals funds, such as the funds managed by BlackRock made up of middle class savings(pensions), to invest this capital in private equity funds, venture capital funds, and hedge funds. In other words, it will allow Larry Fink and his cult of black meteorite worshippers to castrate whatever inflation shrinked wreckage of middle class savings remain, and toss it all into the flames of fire lit ritually in the economy every decade or so.
As the congressional hag who introduced this rape proposal to the committee on financial services put it, the bill “gives retail investors access to the type of investments reserved for the wealthy”. Make no mistake. The opportunity on offer is the kind of access to sex reserved for the wealthy Epstein offered children. Getting access to the island is all good and well until you find out why you were invited.
The bill even includes the following strap-on dildo,

‘‘(2) APPLICATION .—Not withstanding section
6(f), this subsection shall also apply to a closed-end
company that elects to be treated as a business development company.’’

As Forbes explains, a business development company is inserted directly into your ass, where it starts to rapidly invest your “money in privately owned, small- and medium-sized companies. Generally the businesses are facing challenges and need help to grow or get back on track, and they may not be able to obtain financing through traditional means, like bank loans or bond issues.”

They’ll keep this on the back-burner and push it through closer to election time. Put on a dialectical spectacle and start selling to willing buyers at the current fair market price. Seems like the only thing they wouldn't take away is three square meals a day and a show every four years.