Eye of the Chickenhawk has been my effort to chronicle the existence of an international child sex trafficking network involved in the dissemination of the pederast ideal, the facilitation of political blackmail beneath it, and the production of sadomasochist child pornography, including snuff films, at its greatest depths. The tendrils of this network are met with throughout the chapters of this book, which cover a continuity of child 'serial killings' and 'political scandals' throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s.

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This book has evolved from a series of articles available in the Vice section of this site. It is a real book though. These articles have been rewritten, expanded upon, and curated to fit further evidence. The scope of the book is illustrated in the network diagram below:

These links and connections are evidenced in the following chapters and sections:

The various pieces of this puzzle were carved out by other researchers before me. I just picked them up, discovered a few more, and slotted them together into a coherent pattern. And they all fitted together nice and intuitively without any need for force. This is because I’m not a content creator.

Content creation is an awful inversion of the research process, as it creates a need to produce something which may not be needed. A good researcher accepts most of their time will be wasted on things not worth writing about it. A content creator cannot accept this, so as a result will produce content to waste the time of their audience instead. I have not done this to you.

I never intended to write Eye of the Chickenhawk. It started as an article, which grew into a series of related articles, that eventually burgeoned into an area of research no one had written a book on. For this reason Eye of the Chickenhawk was worth writing and will not waste your time.