A blowback of lawsuits against Jeffrey Epstein’s bankers has been kicking off behind the scenes as we turn our attention to other things. Judge Esther Salas caught the first one filed against Deutschebank by shareholders in July 2020.[2:20-cv-08978] Four days later a gunman killed her son and wounded her husband at their family home. After she’d had time to grieve, and possibly reflect on the power situation, Deutschebank requested to have their case transferred from where it had been filed in New Jersey to the Southern District of New York. Judge Salas approved their request in March 2022 and her case was transferred and assigned to a judge named Jed S. Rakoff.

Almost immediately Deutschebank requested to remove two defendants from the suit, Marcus Schenck and James Von Moltke. The pair had been Deutschebank’s Chief Financial Officers successively through the period it had Jeffrey Epstein as a client. Lo and behold Judge Rakoff granted their request.[1:22-cv-02854]

A subtle significance to this specific lawsuit is, that because it was the first, all others which have followed have been assigned to the same judge due to their ‘relatedness’. Which is to say, when Judge Salas transferred this very first Deutschebank case to the Southern District Court of New York, where it had been assigned to Jed S. Rakoff, she transferred all other future lawsuits brought against New York based financial institutions involved with Epstein, along with it.

In November 2022 a class action was launched against Deutschebank by Epstein’s victims.[1:22-cv-10018] It was assigned to Judge Jed S. Rakoff due to its ‘relatedness’.

At the same time another class action was brought against JPMorganChase by Epstein’s victims.[1:22-cv-10019] This was also assigned to Jed S. Rakoff due to its ‘relatedness’.

Then in December District Attorney Denise George from the Virgin Islands sued JPMorganChase over “knowingly, negligently, and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise”.[1:22-cv-10904-UA] This was assigned to Judge Rakoff due to ‘relatedness’. Four days after it was filed the DA was fired without cause by the Governor there, Albert Bryan.

Then in July 2023 two pension fund stockholders of JPMorganChase sued its board for “using Company bank accounts and resources to support his child sex trafficking ring was not a single client slipping through the cracks in the system. Company fiduciaries knew about Epstein and his admitted and alleged crimes, but Epstein was not “just” a client. He was a business partner and colleague to various members of JPM management and the Board”.[1:23-cv-03903] Which of course was assigned to Judge Rakoff for ‘relatedness’.

Two days prior to the filing one of the defendants it listed, James S. Crown, had died in motorway accident on a racetrack in Aspen. Crown had served on the JPM board as both a member of the risk committee and public responsibility committee, and had also been the Chicago oligarch responsible for Barrack Obama’s initial rise in politics. Since he seems like the type to make accidents happen to others rather than have them happen to him, I’d mark this one down as a coincidence baring further information. The suit may have even been filed to take advantage of the timing to give it a conspiratorial appearance.

We have on the other hand, identified a possible motive for what happened to the family of the judge who caught that first Deutschebank case. Always was bizarre the supposed gunman had dressed as a FedEx employee. When this has been done in the past for targeted doorstep assassinations, the point had been to get the target to the door by signing for a package should someone else answer it. Yet they just gunned down whoever opened it- her son.

Maybe the suit being filed in New Jersey had removed their ability to control the situation bureaucratically. Perhaps a message was sent right through the entire legal system from the get go - you catch a case to do with jeffrey epstein and financial institutions - this is what can happen to your family. Seems unlikely they would’ve targeted the judge directly, as every active case she’d been presiding over would've received an extreme amount of scrutiny under a Federal investigation.

Speculation on a world that lurks largely beneath its surface is ultimately pointless. Might as well stick with the facts and the good old smell test. This case stinks.