Jeffrey Epstein worked with Larry Fink at the investment firm First Boston for at least a three year period between 1985 and 1988. Fink had been the managing director of the mortgage backed-securities department and Jeffrey Epstein vice president of the mergers and acquisitions division.

'Bankers Get the Message, Court Media Busines', Los Angeles Times, April 7 1985

Despite having worked in separate departments, both belonged to the same leadership group which fled First Boston like rats on a sinking ship during the early months of 1988 when the fallout from the commercial property scam(euphemistically know as the Savings and Loans Crisis) started to reach wall street.

Los Angeles Times, February 12 1988

Los Angeles Times, March 12 1988

During his time at First Boston Epstein had specialised specifically in the financing of mergers and acquisitions between american media companies, or in other words, the process of monopolisation within the american tv news landscape which led to the corporate monolith these days referred to colloquially as mainstream media. Or, to put it even more simply, that which gave us this.

Epstein most likely first met Lynn Forester de Rothschild during his time at First Boston as well. Simply known as Lynn Forester back then, she’d been an executive vice president of Metromedia from 1985 until ’89, and assumedly involved in the sale of Metromedia tv news stations to Rupert Murdoch used to form the Fox News Network.

Chicago Tribune, July 5 1985

These days both Larry Fink and Lynn Forester de Rothschild are the king and queen of ESG. While Fink is President and CEO of the world’s largest holding company of corporate stock, BlackRock, Lynn Forester de Rothschild is the founder of the moral authority which intends to vote its conscious with the blessing of the pope. The Council for Inclusive Capitalism.

For more information see: coalitionforinclusivecapitalism(dot)com/vatican-council/ and coalitionforinclusivecapitalism(dot)com/epic/