we are in the third dimension. the shallow two dimensional binary of democracy vs totalitarianism has remained fixed for over 2000 years because it is extremely simple and principled.

we shifted into this third political dimension of ideology because it's irrational, emotionally driven, and basically just allows people to bypass the law of contradiction. you won't find a single person who admits to being a hypocrite, but to support a political ideology in this day and age you must become one. so politics becomes about pointing out hypocrisy while ignoring your own by pointing out those accusing you of hypocrisy are hypocrites.

there's no spectrum here because it's like Orwell's double-think. double. . .think. you have one layer of thought that is fixed and principled and simple and makes sense on a spectrum of things in distinct relation to other things from which you can tell when you pass from one onto another. then you have another layer which allows you to bend that spectrum to your will in anyway you like, like those theories about space/time bending, folding a sheet of paper and sticking a pencil through it like they do in the movies etc.

everyone is bending the spectrum of thoughts in their heads, traveling back and forth between support for the things they hate and love at whatever rate the news cycle is set at, and it seems to be set so that they both hate and love the same thing at the same time.

the roe V. wade overturning was marvellous timing to this end, because people who supported vaccine mandates had to suddenly love bodily autonomy, and those who loved bodily autonomy suddenly had to hate it. thus the principle of bodily autonomy was completely destroyed, because of course this is unacceptable to totalitarians, by making the majority of people hypocrites. the majority of people simply do not believe in bodily autonomy. since this is true, what right do they have to it? i mean that seriously.

what right does a person who doesn't believe in bodily autonomy have to it? none.

those who believe the government should intervene in the bodily autonomy of women to save human life, should shut the fuck up and take its vaccines. likewise, a woman who believes in vaccine mandates should shut the fuck up about her rights to abortion and abide by whatever laws she has given the government the right to govern her body with.

i've just offended the majority of people with a principled statement. both sides would use ideology to explain this as a false equivalency. as you can see, ideology is used to remove human liberty through the destruction of principles.

next one to cross off the list is free speech. what right does a person who doesn't believe in free speech have to it? we're halfway done with this one. just wait for what elon musk has in store for twitter, or should i say x.

right and left don’t actually mean anything unless you are talking about your hands. the textbooks say left is collective and right individual. but if you think about it, support for right wing parties is actually made up of people who live their lives more collectively than those who support left wing parties, who are made up of primarily atomised individuals living in community-less urban areas. the two accuse each other of being themself. the more you think about it the less it means.

so when an ideologue speaks about one of these two things, what they are really talking about is the justification to gag and rape you. because the only thing protecting you from this are principles.