“If you read nothing but the Newspaper of Record, you might believe that New York City, like the nation, united in sorrow and shock, has risen to the challenge of global jihadism, joining a righteous crusade Bush’s people are now calling a War on Terror. If you go to other sources—the internet, for example—you might get a different picture. Out in the vast undefined anarchism of cyberspace, among the billions of self-resonant fantasies, dark possibilities are beginning to emerge.” - Pynchon, Bleeding Edge.

So after Jeb swings the election for his brother George, the Bush family use their business ties with the Bin Laden’s to arrange for Osama to send over a few of his true believers for the stimulus, which will see them ushered into flight schools like a drunk commie into the Reichstag by gay nazis.

Now, despite that building having been set alight, it did not collapse in free fall. As fire didn’t induce a free fall collapse in steel frame buildings prior to the technology used to simulation this. Instead, after the war, the building was brought down in a controlled demolition using thermite charges. These are all important details to remember, as history tends to repeat itself.

The idea thousands of civil servants conspired against the American public in a government conspiracy, is in fact, retarded. And is what, 9/11 skeptics believe a government conspiracy is in theory.

In practise, most of the work can be done through poison pilling policy. Did you know you can poison someone with medicine, then when they fall sick use this to convince them they need more poison? All you need are a few people in key positions who do everything with plausible deniability. And it only needs to be plausible(possible), not convincing. Hanlon’s razor takes care of the rest.

Upon entering the country, the hijackers attended flight school at a CIA cutout called Hoffman Aviation in Florida, owned by Wally Hilliard. Despite their apparent cover as CIA protected drug traffickers, a spook named Dave Frasca, presciently appointed head of the FBI’s Radical Fundamentalist Unit, had to shutdown two investigations launched into them in Florida and Arizona. The blowback from this came after the attacks, when two FBI agents named Ken Williams and Coleen Rowley went public about their investigations into the hijackers having been inexplicably hamstrung. This was plausibly an intelligence failure, blamed on the incompetence of Dave Frasca and his subordinate Michael Maltbie, both of whom were promoted.

Once the hijackers had clocked enough flight time with a drug trafficker named Rudi Dekkers to plausibly fly commercial jetliners, they can be seen boarding four of these on the morning of September 11 2001.

To clear the skies for a window of opportunity, in May 2001 Bush put Cheney in charge of coordinating the response to domestic terror attacks, shifting powers and responsibilities away from the FBI into a coordination office housed within FEMA, which just had its budget cut by $200 million.

Vice President Cheney will oversee development of a plan for responding to terrorist attacks in the United States, while a new office within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will coordinate terrorist response efforts by more than 40 federal agencies, the Bush administration announced yesterday.
. . .
Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) said in an interview after the hearing that the administration's plan highlights the need for better coordination of responses to terrorism. But Gregg said he hopes Cheney's review will clearly define the roles of FEMA and the FBI, which remain murky.
During the hearing, Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D-S.C.) noted a recent $200 million cut in FEMA's budget and said that "rather than coordinating, we're dis-coordinating the effort being made in the prevention of terrorism."
Hearings into the issue continue today and Thursday with testimony scheduled from Attorney General John D. Ashcroft and other Cabinet officials.
Testifying yesterday, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said that the Pentagon would remain in a "supporting role" to civilian agencies in responding to terrorist attacks in the United States, with the military reserves acting as "the nation's forward-deployed units for domestic consequence management."
Wolfowitz said that any deployment of military forces in the United States in response to a terrorist attack would require direct authorization by him or Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Cheney to Lead Anti-Terrorism Plan Team, May 8 2001, WashPost,

With the chain of command discombobulated, a wargame scenario called Northern Vigilance was scheduled for September 11 to divert NORAD resources away from the east coast into northern Canada and Alaska. The scenario involved injecting simulated threats onto the screens of radar operators monitoring actual US airspace in real time, which blurred the lines between reality and fiction.

Another drill called Vigilant Guardian was also scheduled to concurrently simulate an aircraft hijacking scenario onto the radar equipment of operators monitoring actual American airspace along the eastcoast at NEAD.

“Powell's question—"Is this real-world or exercise?"—is heard nearly verbatim over and over on the tapes as troops funnel onto the ops floor and are briefed about the hijacking. Powell, like almost everyone in the room, first assumes the phone call is from the simulations team on hand to send "inputs"—simulated scenarios—into play for the day's training exercise.”
. . .
"When they told me there was a hijack, my first reaction was 'Somebody started the exercise early,'" Nasypany later told me. The day's exercise was designed to run a range of scenarios, including a "traditional" simulated hijack in which politically motivated perpetrators commandeer an aircraft, land on a Cuba-like island, and seek asylum. "I actually said out loud, 'The hijack's not supposed to be for another hour,'" Nasypany recalled.

The confusion provided a brief window of plausiable deniability for inaction. The three planes that took off on time reached their targets. The one delayed 40 minutes was shot down.

The planes probably weren’t piloted by the hijackers, but were further hijacked by a remote piloting system used to perform the advanced maneuvering required to reach and hit their targets. It’s unlikely this job would’ve been entrusted to the hijackers.

The technology to do this was called Flight Termination System, produced by an aerospace defense contractor called System Planning Corporation. Soon after 9/11 Boeing would patent a similar technology called Boeing Honeywell Un-interruptible Autopilot, which they publicly deny installing into their planes.

"System Planning Corporation's is proud to offer the Flight Termination System (FTS), a fully redundant turnkey range safety and test system for remote control and flight termination of airborne test vehicles. The FTS consists of SPC's Command Transmitter System (CTS) and custom control, interface, and monitoring subsystems. The system is fully programmable and is flexible enough to meet the changing and challenging requirements of today's modern test ranges.”

The CEO of the company was Dov Zakheim. A zionist jew with dual israeli citizenship, who graduated from a spy college at Oxford university before moving into a career at the DoD. In early 2001 he was then appointed Under Secretary of Defense(Comptroller) and given the task of balancing the DoD’s budget, by which time was missing $2.3 trillion in unaccounted for transactions since FY 1999. By February 2002, Zakheim had somehow managed to reduce this figure down to $700 billion using somekind of accounting trick.

“DoD financial experts, Zakheim said, are making good progress reconciling the department's "lost" expenditures, trimming them from a prior estimated total of $2.3 trillion to $700 billion. And, he added, the amount continues to drop.”

After the first two planes struck the twin towers, the stimulus, the third struck a ground level accounting division of the US Army called Resource Services Washington, located on the Western wing of the Pentagon killing 34 accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts. The blastpath continued on through the offices of the Army's IT division(IMCEN) killing a further 6, and into a newly renovated Naval Command Center, where 45 analysts were killed along a blast trajectory which wiped out the offices and entire chain of command for a high classified(above top secret) division called Intelligence Plot (CNO-IP), before finally ending this narrow path of destruction within the budgeting division of the Defense Intelligence Agency, where 7 workers of the DIA’s Office of the Comptroller were killed.

"RSWs Program and Budget Division, hit especially hard, lost 25 of its 28 members. Across the E Ring hallway, along the outside wall of the building, the jet's impact proved almost as lethal. Of the Managerial Accounting Division's 12 members present, only 3 survived. For these three the fireball and partial collapse of a wall almost proved their undoing; not one escaped without injury. All told, 34 of the 40 members of the Program and Budget and Managerial Accounting Divisions present that morning perished.
. . .
“All of the Navy's losses occurred in the Command Center - 42 military and civilian dead, including 3 contractor employees.”
. . .
“In the Intelligence Plot section, tucked into a corner of the Command Center in the C Ring, 13 people were present on the morning of 11 September. This area was a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), a highly secured space containing especially sensitive classified materials. It lay almost 200 feet from the outer E Ring wall of the Pentagon and along the course taken by Flight 77.”
. . .
“The remnants of Flight 77 ended the planes path of death and destruction at the inner wall of the C Ring, adjacent to A-E Drive, claiming seven victims in 1C535, members of the DIA Program and Budget Office, who must have died immediately” "

As a result, the US Army could not produce financial statements for FY 2001, which in turn prevented the DoD from being able to audit a number of unsupported adjustments which, “ranged from $127.8 billion to $511.8 billion annually for FYs 1996 through 2000.” And this, “adversely affected the reliability of the DoD FY 2001 Agency Wide Financial Statements and will affect both Army and DoD Agency-Wide financial statements in the future.”

Do the math.

The Secretary of the Army at this time was an Enron executive named Thomas White, appointed to this position by Bush in early 2001 just prior to an 'official' SEC investigation into the largest financial crime in history.

The offices of the SEC were located within World Trade Center 7, along with those of the IRS, DoD, CIA, and Secret Service. All of them were destroyed on September 11 when WTC7 pancaked into its own footprint, taking with it evidence for on-going investigations into financial crimes in the wake of the dot com bubble.

The enforcement office of the Securities and Exchange Commission was destroyed in Tuesday's terrorist attack, leaving the nation's top securities regulator scrambling to reconstruct some of its longest-running investigations.
The SEC's New York regional office at 7 World Trade Center -- a building near the huge twin towers -- housed 320 employees on three floors, by far the largest and most important SEC operation outside of its Washington headquarters. The collapse of No. 7 on Tuesday took with it documents and computer records focused on hundreds of investigations, as well as records related to broker-dealers.

The SEC didn't publicly announce an investigation was being made into Enron until October 2001.

The mortgage on WTC7 was acquired a year earlier by another member of Bush's secret Yale Skull & Bones society named Steven Schwarzman, whose company Blackstone would auction off Enron’s energy assets after the 9/11 attacks in a chapter 11 bankruptcy. These were the same energy assets managed by Secretary of the Army Thomas White when he'd been an executive with the company.

"Enron, the biggest U.S. energy trader, hired Blackstone Group, which specializes in reorganizations, to serve as advisor. Law firm Weil Gotshal & Manges, which specializes in bankruptcies, is already serving as legal advisor.
Should Enron go the bankruptcy route, it could file under Chapter 11 or Chapter 7. Most likely, the company will choose Chapter 11, where the goal is to reorganize the company and keep it in business, said attorney Andrew Rahl, head of the bankruptcy group at Anderson Kill & Olick." - More info

WTC7 wasn’t hit by a plane, and collapsed in a manner observationally congruent with the physics of a controlled demolition about 7 hours after WTC1&2. The only physical evidence of its collapse is visual, as such:

This was probably achieved using thermite charges. Explosives may have been used. Those who deny the visual evidence appeal to the other sense, sound, to claim no explosions were heard or can be heard in any of the videos. Many witnesses claim to have heard them and in many videos explosions can be heard. Unlike the visual evidence, the audio evidence is very unclear. None the less, to avoid this minutiae, the explanation for a quiet demolition is simply the use of thermite charges, as scientifically demonstrated in this video using real thermite and real steel beams:

skip to 7:26 for experiments.

In this way the building was progressively collapsed into a neat pile of rubble, from which its steel debris was then removed by a cleanup crew called Controlled Demolition Inc, who dumped the evidence in a landfill where it was melted down into scrap metal.

After the physical evidence was destroyed, a government agency called NIST used a computer simulation to claim they'd discovered an engineering revelation in virtual reality. Using zero physical evidence, NIST claimed to have discovered within a vision of sacred geometry, a mathematical model for how office fires had induced the progressive collapse of the steel framed building at free fall speed. Something never before known to occur in physical reality. A true revelation in the strictest sense of the word.

Now, this has caused skeptics some grief, as the government has forced them to become their greatest fear.

From an engineering standpoint, based on the visual evidence, the simplest explanation is quite clearly a controlled demolition. If WTC7 was a controlled demolition, then the people who rigged it must have had foreknowledge of the attacks and a high level of access within the US government.

The inability to accept this has led to something quite remarkable. 911 skeptics became the first group of people in human history to be brainwashed using sacred geometry. NIST was very open about their methods.

Skeptics are really just reductionists. They take a series of related events like those of 9/11, isolate each from its context, then analyze these all individually as unrelated instances. They don’t understand that breaking stuff down is the basic principal of destruction.

There is a car. I break the car down into parts. Now there isn’t a car.
There is a house. I break the house down into parts. Now there isn’t a house.
There is a conspiracy. I break the conspiracy down into parts. Now there isn’t a conspiracy.
There is a community. I break the community down into individuals. Now there isn’t a community.

False flag attacks are nothing new, but they’ve never been done like this. At this scale and so brazen. The British took a much more subtle approach than the Americans. They would blur the lines between passenger cruiseliner and battlecruiser, fit the RMS Lusitania with secret munitions compartments and send it off coarse at reduced speed into wolfpack territory, with its portholes open and 159 American civilians. Let nature take its course so to speak. A single German torpedo, followed by a mysterious second explosion, was enough to turn the tides of public opinion and World War 1. While not quite a false flag, British foreign policy has largely always been about not quite doing any of the things that it does. As Churchill wrote:

“It is most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hope especially of embroiling the U.S. with Germany. The German formal announcement of indiscriminate submarining has been made to the United States to produce a deterrent effect on traffic. For our part we want the traffic—the more the better & if some of it gets into trouble better still. Therefore do please furbish up at once your insurance offer to neutrals trading with us after February 18th. The more that come, the greater our safety & the German embarrassment.” - Letter to Walter Runciman 12 February 1915

The Roosevelt administration had deciphered intercepts of the Japanese diplomatic cables in the lead up to Pearl Harbor. The tonkin gulf incident was a straight up false flag.

It’s always been done this way. With a spectacle. Sudden. Shocking. Unexpected. No time think. SURPRISE! We're at war and everyone you know is on board and if you aren't you're a fucking traitor. By 2001 everyone knew the drill. HST put it in words- “ Make no mistake about it. We are At War now -- with somebody”. Then all of a sudden wild anthrax appears.

There needs to be a spectacle for a society to psychologically recognize a crisis and collectively accept the response. Challenge - Response. The attacks on WTC7 and the pentagon were auxiliary to the spectacle of the destruction of the twin towers. The stimulus.

FIRE, oh-my-god

This idea of a stimulus-response approach to civilizational planning was written about by Toynbee during the early half of the 20th century in his Study of History. The first editions of which were kept safely stored away within the vaults of the Council on Foreign Relations through WW2. Toynbee believed civilisations fluctuated between dynamic(liberal, democratic) and static(autocratic, totalitarian) states, and survival rested upon the ability to move from one to the other by responding to challenges presented by crisis. He argued failure to do so was the cause of civilisational decline, either due to:

1) the mass psychological failure of a civilisation to commonly recognise a crisis, leading to a challenge it wouldn’t respond to.
2) the lack of a crisis to challenge a response.

Now what do you think the solution was?

“We have now reached a point at which we can bring our present argument to a head. We have ascertained that civilizations come to birth in environments that are unusually difficult and not unusually easy, and this has led us on to inquire whether or not this is an instance of some social law which may be expressed in the formula: ‘the greater the challenge, the greater the stimulus’. We have made a survey of the responses evoked by five types of stimulus—hard countries, new ground, blows, pressures and penalizations—and in all five fields the result of our survey suggests the validity of the law. We have still, however, to determine whether its validity is absolute. If we increase the severity of the challenge ad infinitum, do we thereby ensure an infinite intensification of the stimulus and an infinite increase in the response when the challenge is successfully met? Or do we reach a point beyond which increasing severity produces diminishing returns? And, if we go beyond this point, do we reach a further point at which the challenge becomes so severe that the possibility of responding to it successfully disappears? In that case the law would be that ‘the most stimulating challenge is to be found in a mean between a deficiency of severity and an excess of it’ ”

Arnold Toynbee, A Study of History, Vii The Golden Mean, Abridged version Oxford Press.

Toynbee called this the golden mean. A pythagorean term used for harmony he applied to a darwinistic solution to the more familiar observation that, “good times make weak men, weak men make hard times, hard times make strong men, strong men make good times” etc. The idea being to control the stimulus to avoid challenges either too strong or too weak, so that the trajectory of a civilization's evolution could be controlled to prevent failure.

This concept was introduced into pop culture as “the golden path” in the fantasy series Dune. In these books, which I have not read, the golden path is a civilizational planning project undertaken by the “Bene Gesserit”, a group of social engineers loosely based on the Jesuits who are in opposition to a likewise group of Rationalists called the Spacing Guild, loosely based on the Illuminati(Neo-pythagoreans).

This approach to social engineering is justified, at least by its advocates, on the grounds of a Hobbesian(proto-darwinistic), or totalitarian outlook on society as a monolithic organism - what Hobbes called Leviathan or Nietzche, Ubermench. In this way the stimulus is understood to be like going to the gym and destroying your muscles so they may “build back better”. Individual people being viewed in this sense as expendable cells of the human body. The ones making the decisions being its braincells and thus indespensable. Hence why the outlook appeals to oligarchs.

This concept was almost comprehended in an extremely euphemistic and naive way by Naomi Klein’s research into disaster capitalism for her book ‘The Shock Doctrine’. I say ‘almost comprehended’ for the same reason her book was published as a bestseller by the bertelsmann cartel.

All this is why western oligarchs conspired to usher in the 21st century with a bang. The stimulus.

And the response? All the obvious things. . .anf then the less obvious:

A bloodpact with the Saudis. A stable sunni monarchy that controls OPEC and one of the three power centers of the Abrahamic religions. The blackstone of Mecca. The Saudi monarchy has been propped up to generate and keep consolidated the oil wealth which now flows back into the West as foreign investment, giving oligarch custodian banks in the west de-facto control via proxy-voting stock the Saudis can’t vote due to foreign investment laws. If the monarchy ever gets out of line, cutting up journalists is fine, I mean more in regards to international oil prices, well, then they can always be nudged in the right direction through the introduction of a few brief segments on a new connection between them and 9/11 into the news cycle. This has happened within the past year.

General destabilization of the middle east so Israel can continue its foreign policy agenda as outlined in the book of ezekiel. Secure the second center for the Abrahamic religions and erect the third temple. What's still unclear is whether zionism is a jewish ploy or a slowburn anglo ploy to fuck jews. A convincing argument can be made for both.

And finally Iraq. Oil isn’t Iraq’s most valuable resource. Iraq has a natural resource western oligarchs have been amassing within their estates for the past two hundred years which can't be found anywhere else. Sumerian and Akkadian tablets. These are the key to tracing the big three back to a common root.