2020 - Health crisis.
2021 - Mandate of new experimental pharmaceutical.
2022 - Economic downturn inducing mass layoffs.
2023 - Rollout of new automation technology.

Pharmaceutical derives from the greek root Pharmakon. A term symbolized by the rod of Asclepius, otherwise known as the physicians symbol used as a logo by pharmacies and public health institutions such as the W.H.O.

Strange, that a symbol associated with danger and betrayal, has been taken up as one for medicine. But to the Greeks it made perfect sense, as the term Pharmakon meant both medicine and poison. The snake, whether intentional or not, is a warning to this double meaning.

The hippocratic oath, or physicians oath, seems to have come from the realization of how easy it is to poison people with medicine, as medicine is often times a poison in small doses, and how difficult it is to prove, since people given medicine already suffer from some ailment to blame.

A person can die from poisoning, and this can be used as evidence they died because they weren’t given enough 'medicine'. Or a person can be slowly administered poison, and their sickening state used as justification to keep giving them 'medicine'. For incognito murder, physicians are the assassins of choice, and medicine the weapon of choice. And it must be for this reason why part of the oath sworn by greek physicians explicitly states not to tacitly poison people under the guise of giving them medicine.

“I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous. I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion. With purity and with holiness I will pass my life and practice my Art.”

Hippocrates of Cos, The Oath. (translation of text from circa 300 A.D)

A little snake venom can cure, a little more can kill. The snake is a reminder of the dual nature of pharmaceuticals. A warning that has gone unheeded in recent years.

In 2021 the vast majority of the whitecollar workforce in Western civilization, along with its future crop of college graduates, were coerced to take on-going doses of a new experimental pharmaceutical. In 2022, an ongoing downturn in the global economy started to induce mass layoffs of this workforce. At the same time, and seamlessly beginning in 2023, new software which demonstrated the ability to automate the tasks of this workforce was rolled out to the general public in the form of ChatGPT. The effect of this has been to initiate a transition towards automation of almost all knowledge-based roles within both public and private sectors.

2021: Corporate workforce and higher education students mandated to take experimental pharmaceutical.

2022: Economic collapse inducing mass layoffs in the corporate workforce and abolishing career prospects for college graduates.

2023: Rollout of new technology rendering most of the corporate workforce redundant, and beginning large scale investment in this transition.

These are just the facts. Placed in order. The extreme nature of the implication doesn’t change them.

In 2023 a stock market revival sparked by the narrative of an AI revolution was timed to seamlessly coincide with the US Feds intervention in the US bond market. This was justified in response to a bankrun started by Peter Thiel in early March, just days after his boyfriend fell off the roof of an apartment complex while taking a selfie. A freak accident. You know the kind. Where the victim owned a modeling agency and organised 'no holds barred gay fun' on a property formerly owned by the NXIVM sex cult.


As the party continued and fickle minds were turned to wars domestic and abroad, the scientific method did its work, and the value of Pfizer and Moderna stock ignored these market trends and dropped.

These are the stock price trends for the past 12 months of the four pharmaceutical corporations which manufactured covid19 injections mandated to the general public.

Pfizer -38%
Moderna -42%
Astrazeneca -4%
Johnson & Johnson +3%

As you can see, this is not a downturn in the pharmaceutical industry, only the two corporations responsible for the mRNA products. One could argue the steep fall off of these two is due to the comedown of their initial rise in value above the others. But the Moderna comedown already occurred in 2021, and Pfizer is currently down -33% since this time in 2019. Which means Pfizer, despite its enormous supply contracts and legal indemnity, is now worth less than it was prior to the pandemic.

On March 13 2023 Pfizer announced it had used profits generated from its mRNA injection to pivot into cancer treatment through the $43 billion acquisition of a cancer medicine company called Seagen.

March 13 (Reuters) - Pfizer Inc on Monday struck a $43 billion deal to acquire Seagen Inc and its targeted cancer therapies as it braces for a steep fall in COVID-19 sales and generic competition for some top-selling drugs.
Seagen marks Pfizer's largest purchase in a string of recent acquisitions utilizing a once-in-a-lifetime cash windfall from its COVID-19 vaccine and treatment. It will add four approved cancer therapies with combined sales of nearly $2 billion in 2022.

After a month long rally, on April 10 a paper titled “Sequencing of bivalent Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines reveals nanogram to microgram quantities of expression vector dsDNA per dose” was published to an online preprint server. The authors had taken leftover vials of Pfizer’s mRNA injection given to the general public, sequenced them in a lab, and discovered they were contaminated with DNA. This is April 10 on the Pfizer stock chart.

On June 15 one of the authors of this paper presented the information at an open hearing held by the FDA VRBPAC Advisory Committee. Here is June 15 on the Pfizer stock chart.

On September 12 a molecular biologist and cancer geneticist independently verified the papers findings of DNA contamination in mRNA vials during testimony before a South Carolina senate committee.

September 12, 2023, South Carollina Senate Medical Affairs Committee Hearing, testimony provided by Phillip Buckhault -

On October 19 Health Canada confirmed the previously undisclosed use of something called an SV40 enhancer in the manufacturing processes for commercial batches of Pfizer's mRNA injection.

"Health Canada has confirmed the presence of a Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA sequence in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, which the manufacturer had not previously disclosed.
There is debate among scientists with regards to the significance of the finding, with some saying the DNA sequence has the potential to cause cancer, and others saying it poses little to no threat.
“Health Canada expects sponsors to identify any biologically functional DNA sequences within a plasmid (such as an SV40 enhancer) at the time of submission,” the agency said in an email to The Epoch Times. “Although the full DNA sequence of the Pfizer plasmid was provided at the time of initial filing, the sponsor did not specifically identify the SV40 sequence.”

For an in-depth explanation on the significance of the discovery of DNA contamination in the mRNA vials, see the testimony given by Dr. Philip Buckhalts or this write-up. The gist of it is that the DNA may get into the cells along with the mRNA by way of the lipid nanoparticles and cause cancer. The risk is theoretical but easy to prove. Vaccinated people simply need to be tested for the DNA sequences found in the vials, such as the SV40 enhancer, to see if these got into their cells.

It would be of little surprise that an experimental pharmaceutical, untested for mid to long term side effects, should turn out to cause cancer. It's happened many times before. My interest lies rather in the manufacturing process, or should I say processes, used to produce it.

Anyone who carefully read the primary literature publicly released by regulatory agencies in 2021, would know two separate manufacturing processes were used to produce two substantively different batches of mRNA injections.

A process called Process 1 was used to produce small precise batches in small volumes. These batches were used in the clinical trials. A second process called Process 2 was used to produce commercial batches in large volumes. These batches were given to the general public.

Process development changes were adequately summarised. Two active substance processes have been used during the development history; Process 1 (clinical trial material) and Process 2 (commercial process). Details about process differences, justification for making changes, and results from a comparability study are provided.

As a general rule, whenever the quantity of a thing is increased, the quality of it is decreased.

Process 1 batches were 0.035 liters in volume.

Process 2 batches ranged from 37.6 liters to over 200 liters in volume.

Regulatory documents from the EMA detailing the poor quality of batches produced using Process 2 were leaked and reported on by the British Medical Journal in late 2021.

"As it conducted its analysis of the Pfizer-BioNTech covid-19 vaccine in December, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was the victim of a cyberattack. More than 40 megabytes of classified information from the agency’s review were published on the dark web, and several journalists—including from The BMJ—and academics worldwide were sent copies of the leaks. They came from anonymous email accounts and most efforts to interact with the senders were unsuccessful. None of the senders revealed their identity, and the EMA says it is pursuing a criminal investigation.
The BMJ has reviewed the documents, which show that regulators had major concerns over unexpectedly low quantities of intact mRNA in batches of the vaccine developed for commercial production."

Aside from quality issues, a major difference between the two processes was the use of plasmid DNA to produce the commercial batches. This change in the production method is why DNA contamination has now been found in the commercial vials given to the general public.

"Two active substance processes have been used during the development; Process 1 and 2. The major changes between AS Process 1 and 2 are: increased process scale, DNA template changed from a PCR template to linearised plasmid DNA, magnetic bead purification replaced with proteinase K digestion and UFDF steps. Based on the differences observed between batches manufactured by active substance Process 1 and 2 for the CQA mRNA integrity and lack of characterisation data, a MO was raised regarding comparability, characterisation and clinical qualification of the one proposed acceptance criteria."

The plasmid DNA is not meant to be in there. If plasmid DNA gets into human cells it can cause cancer. The mechanism for this occuring would be the lipid nanoparticles designed to deliver mRNA into human cells. But here is the point. The possible risk of cancer here, only applies to batches produced using Process 2.

Process 1 = Batches that NO NOT contain Plasmid DNA.

Process 2 = Batches that contain Plasmid DNA.

Since risk is potential danger, process 1 batches are safer than process 2 batches.

Now, back in December 2021 I wrote an article, Pfizer allocates separate vaccine batches to its employees and corporate partners, detailing eight batches Pfizer had imported into Australia for exclusive use within its employee vaccination program.

Unlike the batches imported into Australia for commercial use, these eight were marked in the batch registry as “Limited batch quantity allocated for use in Pfizer Australia employee vaccination program”.

Unlike the commercial batches, these eight were not tested by the TGA, who instead created a special certification process for them which allowed the TGA to bypass testing by using the overseas certification provided by the European OCABR.

All the primary source evidence for this was provided in the article I wrote back in 2021. Since that time this program has been confirmed by Pfizer itself during an Australian senate inquiry and in comment to a tabloid newspaper.

“The US-based multinational confirmed the vaccine it gave about 1,000 employees in Australia was imported directly from Belgium, a move the company made in order to avoid diminishing the stockpile of vaccines for the general public.
This was despite the fact that out of the 255 million Covid vaccine doses imported by Pfizer and other manufacturers by July 2022, just 60 million - less than a quarter - were administered to Australians with 40 million donated overseas.
Pfizer said although Australian medical watchdog the TGA did not test the vaccines that were used on its staff the specially earmarked batch was authorised because it was certified to European standards which are equivalent to Australian ones.”

The following is an excerpt from an email response provided by the Australian Department of Health to a factcheck outlet attempting to debunk claims that Pfizer's employee batches were different from the commercial ones.

"The batches for Pfizer employees were the same as those supplied to the Australian public in the Government vaccination program. The batches used in the Pfizer employee program were only available in small quantities and weren't suitable to meet the minimum delivery and packaging requirements for the public vaccination program. Rather than wasting the vaccines, Pfizer requested to use them as part of their own employee vaccination program."

If the Pfizer employee batches were small quantity batches, then they must have been produced using Process 1. Which means they were safer than the commercial batches and weren't contaminated with plasmid DNA.

I tried to confirm which production process was used through FOI, but when I asked the TGA directly, they requested to speak with me over the phone to avoid a paper trial.

The FOI request on the Pfizer employee program itself generated a return of 96 relevant documents containing 1,547 pages, large enough to deny the request based on scope.

Subsequent attempts to reduce the scope of this request were also denied. Even if these were successful it wouldn’t of mattered. A successful request for TGA batch tests documents resulted in the public disclosure of a PDF of 74 entirely blacked out pages.

This is because the TGA can redact anything which may potentially damage Pfizer’s stock value. They explicitly state this as the justification for redactions in another successful FIO request for contamination test results for two batches imported as part of the Pfizer employee program.

It gets worse. Some of these eight batches had their regulatory status modified in the batch registry, and the TGA confirmed the use of these outside of the Pfizer program, as part of the Australian military’s ‘Operation COVID Shield’.

Now, of obvious interest would be finding out where these batches were sent. Intent can never be proved, but if these were relocated to Canberra that would be a smoking gun.

Of course, none of this will lead anywhere. The regulators approved it, the public health officials recommended it, and the politicians mandated it. Everyone dug a knife into Caesar’s back. All you can do is speak the names of the people responsible at the operational level.

In Australia these were:

Professor John Skerritt, Head of TGA at the time the mRNA injection was approved.

Professor Allen Cheng, Chair of TGA Advisory Committee on Vaccines at the time the mRNA injection was approved.

Members of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, who reccomended the mRNA injection for use on the general population:
Prof Christopher Blyth
Prof Allen Cheng
Prof Michelle Giles
Prof Nigel Crawford
Ms Karen Bellamy
Prof Katie Flanagan
Dr Katherine Gibney
Dr Penelope Burns
Prof Cheryl Jones
Prof Tony Korman
Prof Bette Liu
Dr Nicholas Silberstein
Dr James Wood
Ms Diane Walsh
Prof Tom Snelling
Ms Kristy Cooper

State Premiers who signed their names on legal mandates for persons over 18 to take the mRNA injection:
Victoria - Daniel Andrews
NSW - Gladys Berejiklian
Queensland - Annastacia Palaszczuk
WA - Mark Mcgowan
TAS - Peter Gutwein
NT - Michael Gunner
SA - Steven Marshall

Let us zoom out to the strategic level.

2020 - Health crisis.
2021 - Mandate of new experimental medicine.
2022 - Economic downturn inducing mass layoffs.
2023 - Rollout of new automation technology.

The chart below is a correlation between population growth and oil production throughout the 20th century. By the beginning of it the Western world was industrialized, and this was then passed to the East through Communism in Russia in the 1930s and China in the 1950s.

some very big decisions were made during the 1970s.

The expansion of the population in industrial society has been sustained through reserves of the Sun’s energy built up within the earth over millions of years, which would take just as long to replenish, effectively making them finite. Unless there is a way to supplement these reserves, particularly oil, this dramatic rise in the population level over the past century is unsustainable.

This was known as an energy and population crisis called ‘peak oil’ in the 20th century, which has since been changed to a global warming crisis in the 21st. The only difference is “run out” was changed to “phase out”, and the justification for action went from sustaining the population to sustaining the planet. The politics surrounding this are not of interest, as the only people truly informed on the real situation regarding global energy supplies and the use of them, are those industrial dynasties who have controlled them for the past century.

The greatest among these, the Rockefeller family, were notable for one other thing during this period. They started to strategically transfer the wealth generated from control of the world’s oil supply, into a more robust customary power derived from control of the world’s public health institutions.

The Rockefeller family interest in public health is generally attributed to their belief in eugenics. But eugenics as a political doctrine for culling portions of the population is downstream from the justification for doing this. Which is rather found in a philosophical conceptualization of society, not as a collection of individual people grouped together in various social clusters called families and communities; but rather as a single organism made up of tiny cells like those of the human body. This is totalitarianism. The outlook that an individual has no social identity outside of society, and that there is no difference between society and state. In real terms it means individual loyalty to a political authority above that to social units such as family and community. Top down instead of bottom up.

Despite the Rockefeller family having come to power through an extreme inversion of this idea, family interests over those of an entire society; to maintain this arrangement they needed some kind of justification for extreme political action. Early on, having been industrialists, this naturally seemed to be fascism. But it would’ve become clear, through the rapid expansion of transportation and communication networks, that a political system based on nationalism couldn’t scale with culture becoming more and more global. So instead they pivoted into public health, because public health is the most justifiable form of totalitarianism which can be scaled globally.

The notion of health as a greatest common good is a humanist principle written about by Thomas More in his 1516 book Utopia[also the name chosen by the creator of a very interesting 2013 tv series]. Most would agree that their health is most important to them, at least in principle regardless of habits. Thus, doing something in the name of good health invokes the highest form of justification for action.

However, if this principle is expanded beyond the individual, to be applied at the societal level as a policy of public health, the health of the individual is no longer considered. This can be seen in the difference between physicians and public health officials. Physicians are concerned with individuals as patients. Public health officials are concerned with populations as data.

Because of this, the interests of physicians are at odds with those of public health officials, as the role of the physician is to act in accordance to the best interest of their patient's health, while the role of the public health official is to act in the best interest of their population's data.

This is why during the pandemic, at least in Australia, this conflict of interest was dealt with by placing a universal gag order on licensed physicians to prevent them from contradicting public health policy by acting in accordance to what they believed were in best interests of their patients. It is also why there will soon be a major drive to replace personal physicians with software that will treat patients as data according to public health policies.

The difference here isn’t placing collective interests over individual ones, but rather placing theoretical outcomes over practical ones. Unlike patients, data isn’t real. Its theoretical. Numbers. Rational instead of ethical. Corruptable. Easily fucked with.

When subjected to a public health policy, the individual merely becomes a single cell within a larger organism, monolithic in its conformation along the lines of the totalitarian society envisioned by Thomas Hobbes in Leviathan(1651). Hobbes was not a humanist. He believed human nature was cruel, and because of this, extreme political measures were justified for society to survive. To get people to accept this, he tried to invent an invisible contract, which was actually the opposite of a contract, in that there were no clearly defined rules to clarify an otherwise arbitrary arrangement, which nobody had signed, as this was to be done implicitly at birth. In other words, unconstitutional government.

When this Hobbesian outlook is combined with health as the greatest good, what you get is a doctrine of public health tyranny that can justify the most extreme form of political action.

If this doctrine is extended globally, through the centralization of its policies within international institutions, the scope of its justification for political action extends as well, turning the global population into billions of tiny cells making up an ever growing leviathan - the planet. If this happens, to save the planet, millions or even billions of people can be justifiably killed by some central authority acting as its brian.

Eugenics is the politics surrounding which individuals, families, or communities within society should be diagnosed as cancerous. This is why the Rockefeller family converted their wealth into the power of public health. Because in theory these institutions hold the greatest justification for extreme political action, such as actively culling the global population. And this can be done tacitly with plausible deniability through use of the pharmakon. The fine line between medicine and poison. Remember, the snake was a warning.

2020 - Health crisis.
2021 - Mandate of new experimental pharmaceutical.
2022 - Economic downturn inducing mass layoffs.
2023 - Rollout of new automation technology.

As it currently stands, technology cannot replace the intricate delicacy of nerve and muscle tasks with robotics — outside of standardized environments like an Amazon warehouse. But in an ironic twist to the ‘learn to code’ platitude, because digital computing is a completely standardised environment, technology can now automate all knowledge-based tasks performed on computers with a keyboard and mouse.

By knowledge-based is meant tasks based on a combination of memorisation and concentration, things computers do better than humans. This should not be confused with thinking, which requires creativity and lived experience, otherwise known as inspiration.

A computer beating a human in chess isn’t that great of an achievement if you understand what chess is. Chess is an entirely rational game in which human creativity was slowly chocked away for centuries by the ability to project moves further and further into the future. This happened because all the variables were fixed — the starting position of pieces, their movesets, and movement restricted within an 8x8 matrix. This is what Bobby Fischer tried to fix by introducing the game to the chaos of Fischer random. Chess is a soul crushing game. I know this from experience.

If knowledge-based work is now redundant, the question becomes, what is to be done with this part of the population corporations no longer need?

Learn to farm? Even for farmers this is becoming less of an option.

Futurologists would have you believe people would be freed from the minutiae of their 9-5 lives, and automation provide them the leisure time of aristocratic lifestyles through some kind of universal UBI.

Did you really think they would save you?

They will give you the goggles. Let you waste away in some unfurnished unit of a converted office building. A palimpsest living arrangement while the cancer takes purchase and you pass away slowly into the new world. This is how they will save Western Civilisation.

But did you really think they would save you?

2020 - Health crisis.
2021 - Mandate of new experimental pharmaceutical.
2022 - Economic downturn inducing mass layoffs.
2023 - Rollout of new automation technology.

“Some wait alone, some share their invisible rooms with others. Invisible, yes, what do the furnishings matter, at this stage of things? Underfoot crunches the oldest of city dirt, last crystallizations of all the city had denied, threatened, lied to its children. Each has been hearing a voice, one he thought was talking only to him, say ‘You didn’t really believe you’d be saved. Come, we all know who we are by now. No one was ever going to take the trouble to save you, old fellow. . . .’ ”

Pynchon, GR.