The Death of JFK

I pushed it some more on the Zapruder film and after some cognitive dissonance it made up a lie to make its conflicting views compatible. It made up a term called "back and to the left" motion and claimed this was used in forensic science to describe the motion of a head moving forward after a bullet strikes it from behind. Thus, when the bullet enters Kennedy's head from behind it does the "back to the left” motion, which is when the head actually moves forward in line with the laws of physics.

ChatGPT invented an orwellian newspeak term which means the opposite of what it describes.

"Back and to the left motion": the forward motion a head makes after being struck by a bullet from behind

"But that doesn't make any sense" Winston cried, "His head clearly goes back and to the left."

"That's quite right" replied the Minister for Truth with a perplexed glare, "His head goes back and to the left. The motion made when a bullet strikes it from behind and to the right.", who then paused before direly inquiring, "do you deny forensic science?"

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