March 2021

Summary of Evidence

Listed below are nine proofs that Lynn Forester de Rothschild was intimately involved with Jeffrey Epstein to some capacity. I have not speculated as to what capacity that is. This article is rather long, and aimed at addressing valid scepticism for these proofs by providing solid evidence alongside auxiliary and contextual information. Over 80 different sources have been used. These range from court filings, financial filings, photographs, newspapers of record, and tabloid papers too. None of the primary evidence relies on a weak source such as a tabloid, even though at times they have provided better coverage of the Epstein network than newspapers targeted to the professional classes.

1) Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s brother Ken owned and operated a private terminal at Teterboro airport in New Jersey under the name Million Air. Teterboro airport was the travel hub of Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operation. Million Air is listed in Jeffrey Epstein's blackbook.

2) Lynn Forester de Rothschild wrote a letter to Bill Clinton in 1995 mentioning a discussion she had with President Clinton regarding Epstein.

3) During course of 1997 and 1998 Lynn Forester de Rothschild made five separate trips with Jeffrey Epstein on his plane.

4) In 2000 Lynn Forester de Rothschild sold a Manhattan town house to Jeffrey Epstein for $8.5 million below its market value. Ghislaine Maxwell moved into this townhouse shortly after and lived there until 2015.

5) There is evidence to suggest Lynn Forester de Rothschild may have introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Alan Dershowitz, Nathan Myhrvold, Prince Andrew, and Bill Clinton.

6) Lynn Forester de Rothschild began her career at a law firm tangentially associated with the District Attorney whose office attempted to down grade Epstein’s sex offender status in 2011.

7) In 2013 Lynn Forester de Rothschild was placed on an advisory board of DeutscheBank, which at the time was trying to expand its US clientele. A month after her appointment DeutscheBank recruited Jeffrey Epstein as a client.

8) The 2015 release of the Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs sealed four out of the five pages logging flights Lynn Forester had taken with him. A pattern in the flight log pages sealed suggests this was intentional.

9) Lynn Forester de Rothschild's husband, Evelyn de Rothschild, was a listed contact in Jeffrey Epstein's blackbook, yet she is not.

Ken Forester's Million Air, Teterboro Airport, and Jeffrey Epstein

Lynn Forester's father, John Kenneth Forester, served in the US Army Air Corps during WW2. Afterwards he founded the company Mallard Air Services in 1946 at Teterboro airport, New Jersey. Mallard offered maintenance and aircraft conversion services. The company underwent a collection of name changes: Mallard became General Aviation Company in 1958, which became Million Air Franchise in 1986, and finally Meridian in 2006. ~ 20

The company was inherited by Lynn's brother Ken Forester in 1974. It has maintained its operational permanence at Teterboro airport since inception, and currently operates one of the five private airport terminals at that location, which are called Fixed Base Operators (FBOs). These five FBOs facilitate the arrivals and departures of those flying privately in and out of New York. Meridian being the largest. ~ 21

Between 1995 and 2013, three of Jeffrey Epstein’s private planes, tail numbers: N908JE, N120JE, and N212JE; flew at least a combined 730 flights in and out of Teterboro. Which would make it the travel nexus of any woman he sex trafficked during that time. ~ 1

From 1986 until 2006, Meridian as it is now called, was operating under the company name Million Air. There are two contact numbers for Million Air in Jeffrey Epstein’s black book, under a section marked “Pilot Information”.

~ 2, page 83

Lynn Forester The Businesswoman

Lynn began her higher education at a private liberal arts college on the west coast called Pomona College, from which she graduated cum laude and member of the distnguished Phi Beta Kappa society 1976

Since the society's inception in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa has produced 17 presidents, 40 supreme court justices, 136 Nobel laureates, and a flux of around fifty members of Congress or the Senate at any given period. ~ 3

After graduating Lynn returned to the East coast and attended Colombia Law, where she met her first husband Alexander Platt. They both received Rotary International Graduate Fellowships and attended the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva Switzerland from 1978-’79. ~ 4

Lynn graduated from Columbia Law in 1980 and began her professional career with the New York firm Simpson, Thacher & Barkett that same year.

Simpson, Thacher & Barkett was the firm statesman Cyrus R. Vance was partnered in. Vance most notably succeeded Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State within Jimmy Carter's administration in 1976. He resigned from the role in 1980 and returned to the Simpson, Thacher & Barklett firm in New York. This was the same year Lynn began working there and she would later establish a social and business relationship with Henry Kissinger in the late 1990s. From 1988-’90 Cyrus Vance was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He also served on the board of Pan American Airways, IBM, and was a senior member of the Council on Foreign Relations, of which Lynn would later become a member. ~ 42.
Perhaps Lynn was introduced to high society, including her soon to be husband Andrew Stein, via Cyrus Vance's expansive network. It's also possible she would've known Vance's son, Cyrus Vance Jr, as all three were in New York during the early 1980s. ~ 42

Cyrus R. Vance Jr

Cyrus R. Vance Jr began working for N.Y District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau in 1980 after having graduated from Georgetown. Robert Kennedy Jr also began working there that same year ~ 5 . Robert Kennedy Jr’s house is mentioned as the location Lynn and President Clinton discussed Jeffrey Epstein in her 1995 letter. ~ 40

“Mr. Vance spent two years working in sales for an oil company before going to law school at Georgetown. He then returned to Manhattan to work as an assistant district attorney, joining the office the same year as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and earning $20,000 a year. “
~ 5

When Robert Morgenthau retired in 2009 Vance Jr was elected District Attorney of New York and took over his office. This is relevant because in 2011 a lawyer who specialised in sex crimes and worked for Cyrus Vance Jr inexplicably attempted to downgrade Jeffrey Epstein’s status as a sex offender. ~ 6

"During a hearing in 2011, a seasoned sex-crimes prosecutor from Mr. Vance’s office argued forcefully in court that Mr. Epstein, who had been convicted in Florida of soliciting an underage prostitute, should not be registered as a top-level sex offender in New York."
~ 6

Andrew Stein

Lynn worked at Simpson, Thacher & Barkett until 1984, during which time she divorced her first husband Alexander Platt to remarry in 1983. Her new husband, Andrew Stein, was Borough President of Manhattan at the time ~ 7. She had two children with Stein before their divorce in 1993. A year prior to their separation a gunman had somehow managed to get into their sixth floor Manhattan apartment and take their two children and the babysitter hostage, supposedly robbing the place before fleeing with a $100 cash taken from the babysitter ~ 8. Lynn's eldest son Ben, only six at the time, would travel with his mother on Epstein's plane just five years later at age eleven.

A Vanity Fair article from 2019 claims an ex-girlfriend of Epstein's heard him boast that he was a close friend of Lynn's and helped her out financially during her divorce from Stein.

“Epstein also said that his friend Lynn Forester, now married to billionaire Evelyn de Rothschild, needed his financial help during her 1990s divorce from politician Andrew Stein, and that he had graciously floated her. “One hundred percent false,” says a spokesperson for Forester.”

Lynn Forester, Andrew Stein and Donald Trump at a Gala event held in Stein's honour. November 28th 1988.

It was through her then husband Lynn likely met Donald Trump. Trump was a substantial campaign contributor to Stein during the years preceding a license renewal for one of his casinos in 1987. There was an investigation into the casino license at the time, which also had something to do with Genovese crime family, and naturally, money laundering. ~ 10 - page 87.

It appears the two maintained a close relationship as Stein was still scuttling around in a Trump Shuttle charter jet in 1989.

Trump donates Trump Shuttle to Help Out Puerto Rico After Hurricane Hugo, The Orlando Sentinel, 23 Sept 1989, page 11

Trump Shuttle was formerly Eastern Airlines Shuttle, and Trump would later sell it on to USAir Group Inc. He had previously taken on a fleet of 23 727s for a brief period as part of a cluster fuck deal marking his upward trajectory into the 1990s. This deal was his acquisition of Resorts International in 1987, which was a well known CIA cutout formerly called the Mary Carter Paint Company.

This saga warrants its own attention, as in the early 1990s Trump ends up on the brink of bankruptcy multiple times, and Wilbur Ross is there to restructure his debt obligations in each case, which allowed Trump to keep all three of his casino’s. Ross was working as a senior director of Rothschild Inc. at this time. In 2016 Ross was appointed Secretary of Commerce in Trump’s Administration, and was one the few appointments never fired. ~ 11, 12, 13


Lynn left her law firm in 1984 to work for John Kluge at Metromedia Inc., which began her foray into the communications industry extending until the late 1990s. While there she was Executive Vice President of Development from 1985 to 1989.
Metromedia at this time was conglomerating independent television stations into affiliated groups through the acquisition, packaging and subsequent sale of licensing deals. In 1986 Metromedia sold a collection of their stations to Rupert Murdoch, who used them to form the Fox TV network. The licences for these channels subsequently became affiliated, alongside CBS, with the Sinclair Broadcasting Group. ~14
It’s unclear what exactly was going on with licensing during this period, but a rough idea can be observed from the result:

Lynn's business activities during and after her time at Metromedia become rather convoluted, with different sources giving conflicting information. An SEC filing for one of her companies gives a resume of her career up until 1997. And a Wall Street Journal article from 1999 provides an illuminating professional profile on her throughout that period. ~ 16

"She(Lynn Forester) has also served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of FirstMark Communications International L.L.C. since June 1998 and as Chief Executive Officer of FirstMark Holdings, Inc. since 1984. Ms. Forester served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TPI Communications International, Inc. from 1989 to December 1994. Ms. Forester served as an Executive Vice President for Development for Metromedia Telecommunications Inc. from 1985 to 1989. Ms. Forester served as an Associate with Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett from 1980 to 1984. In 1993, Ms. Forester was appointed by President Clinton to the U.S. National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council, and in 1994 was elected a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the Davos World Economic Forum. She currently serves as a director of Next Level Communications, Inc. From February 1995 to January 2000, Ms. Forester was a director of General Instrument Corporation and its predecessors, and from March 1997 to July 1999 she was a director of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.
~ 15

"In the first deal Ms Forester put together after leaving Metromedia, she persuaded Motorola -- with the help of Mr. Smedley -- to back her in acquiring a small paging business in Puerto Rico. Motorola didn't want control of a service company because it didn't want to be seen as a competitor to its customers. As a result, she held a 60% stake in the company. When it was sold, she reaped a gain of more than $25 million".
~ 16 - Paywall workaround

FirstMark Communications

A series of companies and holding companies bearing the name FirstMark were the focus of Lynn's business ventures into and through the 1990s. It appears that they account for the bulk of her interdependently amassed wealth before marrying into the Rothschild family in 2000.
An SEC filing for the last of those companies provides information on the type of business she was doing and the type of people she was doing it with.

"We aim to be a rapidly growing broadband internet service provider of business-to-business network, voice, video and data communications, and on-net application/information technology services in Europe."
~ 17

"FirstMark Holdings has a distinguished advisory board, which has provided advice and other assistance in the development of our European operations and will continue to provide assistance to us in the future. Members of FirstMark Holdings' advisory board include Vernon Jordan, Dr. Henry Kissinger, Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Bert Roberts, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Bernard Smedley."
~ 17

Henry Kissenger reportedly introduced Lynn and Evelyn de Rothschild at a Bilderberg meeting in Scotland in 1998 ~ 18. Lynn and Kissinger were perhaps introduced by Cyrus Vance, who as formerly mentioned replaced Kissinger as Sec of State, was Lynn's former boss at Simpson Thacher & Barkett, and whose son’s District Attorney’s office tried to have Epstein’s sex offender status down graded in 2011.

Lynn Forester DeRothschild, Barbara Amiel Black, Henry Kissinger and Conrad Black come out of Le Cirque Restaurant January 25, 2001 in New York. (Photo by Arnaldo Magnani/Liaison)

Nathan Myhrvold was formerly the CFO at Microsoft and there is a multitude of evidence establishing a relationship between him and Jeffrey Epstein.

Nathan Myhrvold

Nathan Myhrvold and Lynn had both served together on the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council, appointed by the Clinton Administration, until at least until 1996. ~ 66

Myhrvold is in Epstein’s blackbook with 12 points of contact listed under his name and the company he founded, Intellectual Ventures. ~ 2, page 81

Myhrvold is also appears in the flight logs twice. First on Dec 9 1996 then on Jan 11 1997. On the second flight he flew alongside Alan Dershowitz.

~ 26, page 470

26, page 470

There is a photo of Myhrvold speaking with Epstein at a dinner event Epstein had bankrolled in 2000 ~ 19. This was taken when he was still on the board of Lynn’s company and during same year he founded his own business, Intellectual Ventures.

A Vanity Fair source in a 2019 article provides the following:

“Myhrvold has been close with Epstein for years. A source told me that Epstein visited Myhrvold’s investment firm, Intellectual Ventures, and brought along “young girls” who looked like “Russian models.” The source added that Myhrvold spoke openly about borrowing Epstein’s private jet and staying at Epstein’s houses in Palm Beach and Manhattan. “

It would appear Myhrvold was in fact burrowing Epstein's jet, as the following flight log entry would indicate:

~ 26
Alan Dershowitz

In response to Virginia Guffre’s accusation that Jeffrey Epstein forced her to have sex with him, Alan Dershowitz claimed that Virginia Guffre had mistaken him for Nathan Myhrvold. ~ 23

“In May 2015 Dershowitz requested confidential settlement negotiations with Ms. Roberts’ lawyers in which Dershowitz sought to convince Ms. Roberts lawyer that Ms. Roberts was mistaken, and that the person to whom Epstein had lent Ms. Roberts was Nathan Myhrvold, not Dershowitz."
~ 23

Dershowitz also claims, at every opportunity without prompt, that he was introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by Lynn Forester de Rothschild during a party at her Martha Vineyard's estate in the summer of 1996.

"Dershowitz likes to say that he met Jeffrey Epstein through his friend Lady Rothschild—the former Lynn Forester. In 1996, Forester (who actually had not yet married into the Rothschild dynasty) suggested that he would enjoy getting to know Epstein, an 'interesting autodidact.'"
~ 24

"His social profile began to improve in 1996 upon meeting the financier Jeffrey Epstein through Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a Martha’s Vineyard friend. She told him Epstein was a brilliant autodidact who loved meeting interesting people. Epstein visited Dershowitz in Cambridge, sent him a thank-you bottle of wine, and a week later called to invite him to the 59th birthday party of Victoria’s Secret founder Leslie Wexner."
~ 25

Jeffrey Epstein did take two trips to Martha's Vineyard in the summer of 1996. The first on July 12th then a second on August 18th.



Howard Rubenstein

Lynn Forester de Rothschild's publicist for FirstMark related business was Howard Rubenstein, who was also Jeffrey Epstein’s publicist in 2009.

"Forester was not available for comment. FirstMark spokesman Howard Rubenstein said: ‘All telecom infrastructure companies are operating in these constrained capital markets. FirstMark has adequate funding, and liquidation is not now a viable option.’"
~ 27

" The legal documents contained allegations that hadn’t yet been reported, and Rush was keen on nudging them into the public domain. He drew up a list of questions and sent them to Howard Rubenstein, who was Epstein’s publicist at the time."
~ 28

116 East 65th Street

Lynn Forester de Forester’s FirstMark holding company was registered at 116 East 65th Street.

~ 15

The property was purchased by her in 1997 for $4.4 million. She then sold the property in 2000 to a shell company called '116 EAST 65TH STREET, LLC' for $4.95 Million, $8.5 million below its estimated market value ~ 29.
This shell company she sold it to was incorporated by Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer Darren Indyke, and was registered at 457 Madison Avenue - Forth Floor, which was where Epstein’s business offices were located ~ 30.
Ghislaine Maxwell moved into the property not long after it was solf and lived there until 2015, when it sold for $15 million. Maxwell’s Ocean foundation Terramar was registered at this address.

~ 31

116 East 65th Street is just around the corner from 301 East 66th Street, a property Jeffrey Epstein had acquired in a similar fashion from Leslie Wexner. 301 East 66th St was an apartment block used by Epstein to house underage models. ~ 32

Bronfman E.l. Rothschild, L.p

Bronfman E.l Rothschild L.p was an incorporated mutual asset fund controlled by Michael Bronfman of the Canadian Seagram’s dynasty and Lynn Forester de Forester ~ 34 . It was incorporated in 2013 but underwent some cosmetic transformations in 2019, changing its operating brand to Wealthspire Advisors, L.P; though it still appears linked to Bronfman E.l Rothschild L.p in SEC filings. As of September 2020, the fund was valued at $2,836,105,000. ~ 33

It was in 2019 Michael Bronfman’s sister’s, Sara and Clair Bronfman, made the news when it was discovered that the leader of a multi-level marketing company called NVIXM, which had been financed for over a decade by the Bronfman family trust, had been operating a sex slave cult involved in a whole host of crimes. ~ 35.

‘Guru’ Keith Raniere and a secret female-only sect within NVIXM, called DOS, had been cultivating a secret society from its membership whose activities included branding woman and using them as sex slaves. When this was exposed so too were other crimes such as sex trafficking minors. ~ 36. For her involvement Claire Bronfman was sentenced to six years in prison. Sara Bronfman on the other hand, despite having brought her sister into NXIVM in 2003 and having arranged such things as an ordination for Keith Raniere by the Dali Lama; presciently cut ties with NXIVM in 2016, just before the cults activities began surface. ~ 37

I'll digress with a rare conjecture, as this topic is more synchronous to Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Jeffrey Epstein than tangential.
But Sara Bronfman's luck, or foresight, or whatever you would call it in avoiding prosecution, may have had something to do with her 2012 marriage to a Libyan businessman named Basit Igtet.
The two had tied the knot about a year after Qaddafi was sodomised to death and Libya was opened up to Western capital. Igtet had been appointed to the Libyan National Transitional Council in 2011, which was tasked with navigating the country through the turbulent power vacuum left in Qaddafi's wake, into a custodian government more pliant to Western needs.
Once the custodian government was in place and ready to ratify policy, Igtet travelled to Libya to assist the reorganisation of its economy to suit the subtle, or maybe not so, extraction of its resources, through the ownership of one of its freshly minted energy companies. ~ 38

Sara’s union with Igtet, who was a Libyan national but internationally educated—thus trusted, could’ve been a discrete avenue for wealth to flow from a newly opened market and into a Western asset fund such as Bronfman E.l Rothschild L.p via family trust’s. As the Bronfman’s now own a portion of the previously nationalised Libyan energy sector through Sarah’s husband.

The unmarried Claire Bronfman on the other hand, had seemingly neither the business acumen required for the guardianship of family assets, nor the menacing conviviality of a socialite facilitating trusts for the former. Perhaps she was viewed as a burdensome dilution of the Bronfman estate, and thus a family black sheep became a scapegoat.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Political Powerbroker

Lynn Forester de Rothschild first got involved in politics back in 1976 when had worked on the successful senatorial campaign of Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan. ~ 39

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Hillary Clinton began her political career as a Senator from New York. The seat which she won in 2000 was the same one previously held by Daniel Moynihan, who had resigned it the previous year.
A major backer of Hillary’s senatorial campaign was Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who as mentioned had worked on the campaign to elect Moynihan to this very same senate seat in 1976. Lynn also appears to have maintained a close relationship to Senator Moynihan over those 25 years, as the Senator and his wife hosted a private wedding party for Lynn and Evelyn Rothschild in 2000, also attended by Hillary Clinton. ~ 39.

“The couple exchanged vows in London two years later, and were feted back in the States at a wedding party given by Senator Moynihan and his wife, Liz, in a private room at the Capitol, where they were toasted by the Clintons, among others.”
~ 39

Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Bill Clinton

In 1992 she became actively involved in Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign, and served on his National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council from 1992-1995. ~ 39

In 1993 Epstein began making donations to the White House Historical Society and started to meet with a White House staffer within Clinton’s orbit called Mark Middleton. ~ 40

“As early as 1993, records show, Epstein donated $10,000 to the White House Historical Association and attended a donors’ reception hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Around the same time, according to a source familiar with the connection, Epstein visited presidential aide Mark Middleton several times at The White House." ~ 40

~ 40

An article from March 31 1995 records Jeffrey Epstein as having been amongst 16 donors who attended a $100K per head Clinton Fundraiser dinner hosted by Ron Pearlman and attended by Bill Clinton.

The Palm Beach Post, 31 March 1995.

One month after the fundraiser a scanned copy of a letter archived in the Clinton digital library establishes the first direct connection between Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Bill Clinton, and Jeffrey Epstein.

~ 40

In A Convenient Death: The Mysterious Demise of Jeffrey Epstein, a true crime book written by Alana Goodman and Daniel Harper, claims one of Epstein's former Lawyers said Lynn Forester de Rothschild introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Bill Clinton.

“But his real introduction to Clinton. According to one of Epstein’s former lawyers, was through Lynn Forester. . .So it was no surprise that when Forester had a chance to talk to Clinton during a dinner at Senator Ted Kennedy’s house in 1995. the two ended up chatting about Epstein instead of the social welfare policy she had intended to discuss.”
~ 41

If the source is real, assuming it isn't made up using the same information clearly found in the letter, then the lawyer in question could perhaps be Darren Indyke, who facilitated the sale of 116 East 65th Street between Lynn and Epstein.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Hillary Clinton

In 1999 the Clinton’s spent their two week Presidential holiday at Martha’s Vineyard and attended the celebration of Evelyn de Rothschild’s birthday on August 29th , organised by Lynn at her estate. It is at this event Prince Andrew is alleged to have been introduced to Epstein by Forester. This is covered in the subsequent section, Lynn and the Royals.

When Lynn and Evelyn married in 2000, the Clinton’s hosted them over night at the White House for their honeymoon. ~ 39
It is safe to assume that Lynn’s relationship with the couple was well established by 1999, well before when Bill Clinton is first recorded as having flown with Epstein on February 9th 2002; a relationship which would be sustained on paper until a final flight on November 9th 2003.

As mentioned, Lynn was a major backer of Hillary Clinton’s political debut in 1999 and had long standing ties with Senator Moynihan, whose seat Hillary inherited.
After eight years served as a senator from New York, Hillary ran an unsuccessful primary campaign against Barrack Obama in 2008. Lynn was a major backer of this campaign also, and upon losing the primary to Obama, switched parties and backed Republican nominee John McCain instead. ~ 43

"“This is a hard decision for me personally because frankly I don't like him,” Lynn Forester said of Obama in an interview with CNN’s Joe Johns. “I feel like he is an elitist. I feel like he has not given me reason to trust him.”
~ 43

Lynn would become both board member and major donor to the McCain Institute when it was later founded in 2012. ~ 3

In consolation to her 2008 defeat, Hillary was made Secretary of State in Obama’s Administration. A Wikileak’s release of her emails from that time provides an interesting personal correspondence she had with Forester in 2010.

~ 44

Lynn Forester de Rothschild was also a major backer of Hillary’s 2016 Presidential campaign. Wikileaks also leaked Tony Podesta’s emails from this period, which provide further insight as to the role Lynn played behind the scenes.

An Email sent from Lynn to Cheryl Mills in 2015:

~ 45

An Email sent by Neera Tanden to John Podesta mentioning Lynn:

~ 46

Another email sent to Cheryl Mills from Lynn:

~ 47

Lynn’s primary contact within Hillary’s campaign appears to have been a senior political adviser called Cheryl Mills. Mills has a long standing history with the Clinton’s dating back to before a scandal involving an apparent burglary of legal papers from her car pertaining to the lawyer Vincent Foster and The Whitewater Development Company. For more on this, which there certainly is, check the sources. ~ 48 , 49

Peter Mandelson, UK Labour MP

Peter Mandelson is a UK politician known as Tony Blair’s right hand man in the "New Labour" government of the 1990s.
Mandelson is a longtime personal friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew, and Jeffrey Epstein. He also allegedly served alongside Prince Andrew as a witness to Lynn’s marriage to Evelyn de Rothschild in 2000. ~ 50.
He did attend a private lunch at the Rothschild's NY residence in 2004 ~ 53.

Mandelson’s relationship to Epstein dates back to 2002 when he attended a dinner party held at Epstein’s NY townhouse, which also attended by Mort Zuckerman, Sergey Brin, David Blaine, Donald Trump, Leslie Wexner, and Bill Clinton aide Doug Band. ~ 51.

Peter Mandelson and Jeffrey Epstein shopping in 2005

In 2009 it is alleged that while Epstein was in jail he received a call from Mandelson, asking if Epstein if he could be introduced to JP Morgan banker Jamie Dimon. ~ 52

Both Mandelson and Lynn Forester de Rothschild were appointed to the same Deutschebank advisory board, tasked with expanding the banks US clientele, one month prior to Epstein becoming a client of the bank. This is covered in further detail in a later section.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild and The Royals

Evelyn de Rothschild has served as financial adviser to Queen Elizabeth, a role for which he has been knighted in service of, though further more, the historical ties between the Houses of Windsor(Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) and Rothschild are well established, going back to the early 19th century.

Thus, Lynn’s connection to Royalty is clearly through her husband Evelyn.

The only other known connection to Royalty Epstein had was through Ghislaine Maxwell, whose inroad to Royal society appears strictly limited to Prince Andrew himself. Which suggests Epstein was most likely introduced to Prince Andrew, primarily, through either Ghislaine Maxwell or Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

Prince Andrew

In an interview given to the BBC Prince Andrew claims we was introduced to Epstein through Maxwell in 1999. In the same interview he said he met Maxwell when she was an undergraduate at Oxford in the 1980s. Given who Maxwell’s father was I find it believable this could’ve been the case.

It's possible the introduction of Prince Andrew to Epstein was facilitated by his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, who after their divorce in 1996 is found to have met with Epstein on 16th April 1998. This is the same year she introduced Prince Andrew to a woman he began dating called Heather Mann. Heather Mann had been on a number of flights with Epstein in 1997, one of which the only other passenger was Lynn Forester de Rothschild travelling to Martha’s Vineyard. This will be covered in greater detail.

~ 26, page 347

When Ghislaine Maxwell came under fire for her relationship to Jeffrey Epstein, a number of a tabloid magazines began publishing rumours spread by apparent friends of Maxwell, claiming that Lynn Forester de Rothschild had in fact made the introduction between Epstein and Prince Andrew at her Hampton's property in 1999.

“In fact, friends claim the introduction was made by glamorous socialite Lynn Forester de Rothschild in 1999 at a birthday party she threw for her British billionaire husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, in the Hamptons, the exclusive beach resort outside New York."
~ 82

"Friends of Ghislaine Maxwell have claimed that Jeffrey Epstein, her friend and a convicted paedophile, was introduced to the Duke of York by the wife of one of Britain’s richest men.
. . .Ghislaine wasn’t at that party. Lynn introduced Andrew to Epstein,’ says the friend. ‘It was all about the money with Andrew and Epstein. Just wait and see. There is a lot more to come out.’"

~ 83

It would appear that Prince Andrew did actually attend a party hosted by Lynn Forester de Rothschild in Martha’s Vineyard for a period surrounding August 29th 1999, Evelyn de Rothschild's birthday. President Clinton was also in attendance.


Britain's Prince Andrew (L) and Sir Evelyn Rothschild (R)
MARTHA'S VINEYARD, UNITED STATES: Britain's Prince Andrew (L) and Sir Evelyn Rothschild of London (R) watch US President Bill Clinton tee-off the first hole at the Farm Neck Golf Club 27 August 1999 in Martha's Vineyard. Andrew and Clinton made a joking wager for return of the island which was acquired by the US from Great Britian. (ELECTRONIC IMAGE) AFP PHOTO/Paul J. RICHARDS (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)
~ 55

US President Bill Clinton (R) speaks with Lynn Forester (L)
MARTHA'S VINEYARD, UNITED STATES: US President Bill Clinton (R) speaks with Lynn Forester at the Farm Neck Golf Club 27 August 1999 in Martha's Vineyard while playing with Britain's Prince Andrew. Forester is a friend of one of Clinton golfing partners, Sir Evelyn Rothschild. (ELECTRONIC IMAGE) AFP PHOTO/ Paul J. RICHARDS (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)
~ 56

There's also this photo showing Bill Clinton with two unidentified woman at this event, one of which looks so similiar to Ghislaine Maxwell, I'd venture to say it is her.

Presidential Vacation On Martha's Vineyard
OAK BLUFFS - AUGUST 27: President Clinton is greeted by two unidentified women before starting his round of golf at Farm Neck Golf Club. (Photo by Bill Greene/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
~ 57

These photographs show Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and possibly Ghislaine Maxwell were in attendance at the Martha’s Vineyard Rothschild birthday celebration on August 29th 1999.

According to flight logs Epstein had flown into Palm Beach on the 26th of August from the Virgin Islands. Ghislaine Maxwell was not a passenger on this flight. However Epstein and Maxwell flew together from Palm Beach to Teterboro NJ on the 28th, one day after the photograph was taken of the unidentified woman with Bill Clinton in Martha's Vineyard on the 27th.

~ 26, page 494

There is, possibly, a rather interesting article of dubious existence, supposedly written in 2001 by Sharon Churcher for the Daily Mail, titled “Can Lynn rescue Andrew’s image? Sir Everlyn de Rothschild’s socialite wife has gathered some of America’s most influential media figure to cleanup the Duke of York’s image.”
I say dubious because I cannot find the article. The only available scanned copies of Daily Mail archives are pay-walled. The online digital archives on the Daily Mail site has an inconsistent amount of article entries listed for the 6th of May 2001, depending on which date you view the sites image in the wayback machine. ~ Daily Mail Archives, 6th May 2001, Wayback Machine Archives.

All that I have found that indicates the article may have existed are secondary sources.
The first is a 2015 article written by someone called Gerry Bello from a website I'm unfamiliar with, The Outside News:

“According to a Daily Mail story written six months later (also by Sharon Churcher) thirty people met in a New York restaurant to bless the Prince's rehabilitation into Manhattan society. Lynn Forester, wife of banking executive and the Economist director Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild put the event together. ABC News host Barbara Walters, and New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman were present. ” ~ 58

The second is a screenshot of the article’s title, which could easily be doctored, found in an article from 2019 defending Prince Andrew from the allegations against him. ~59.

Edit May 2021 - I was emailed by someone who said they found this article behind the paywalled Daily Mail archives. The following are excerpts from the full article here:

Can Lynn rescue Andrew's image?; How Sir Evelyn de Rothschild's socialite wife has gathered some of America's most influential media figures to cleanup the Duke of York's playboy reputation

"At a discreetly affluent New York restaurant last week, 30 of the city's most influential figures gathered for a remarkable dinner party. Seated around the table were Barbara Walters, America's foremost television interviewer, Tina Brown, editor of the most talked-about society magazine, top columnist Liz Smith, Howard Stringer, the chairman of the hugely influential Sony electronics and entertainment corporation, media baron Mort Zuckerman, and the evening's fixer, telecommunications entrepreneur Lynn Forester."

"It was arranged by a longtime friend of the Royal Family, billionaire banker Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, and his wife, American telecommunications entrepreneur Lynn Forester. The elegant 46-year-old businesswoman, who runs a multinational telecommunications company, met the Duke and Duchess of York thanks to her husband's long-term links with the Royal Family.
EIGHTEEN months ago Andrew was a guest at a house party celebrating Sir Evelyn's 68th birthday on his Martha's Vineyard estate. There she introduced him to Alexandra Styron, daughter of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist William Styron, and one of the few respectable young women with whom he has been seen in America."

"Concern over the orbit into which Ghislaine and Epstein have drawn Andrew was heightened after impotence drug seller Christine Drangsholt graced his arm during a party at Donald Trump's Palm Beach estate. A loud and pushy woman, she bragged that she has seen the Prince several times, including in London.
Last May, Epstein also arranged for the Prince to make a late night visit to a raucous Miami nightclub where he 'raised the roof' for two hours on the dancefloor and bought a £300 bottle of Cristal champagne for his companions, an older man and younger woman."

"'One has to think that this is all great promotion for Ghislaine and Epstein, who's a real wheeler-dealer, ' said a friend of Fergie. 'A lot of the time when Andrew is photographed, Ghislaine is right there in the same frame.' But those days of excess seemed to have been consigned to the past last week, when the Prince showed his willingness to embrace his new image by dressing in a business suit rather than the blazer and jeans that have become the hallmark of his escapades as a middle-aged swinger. He was seated between the nation's highest-paid TV presenter, Barbara Walters, and 67-year-old cosmetics king Leonard Lauder."

"For the past two years, his home-away-from-home in Manhattan has been a gaudily-decorated mansion acquired some years ago through a company apparently controlled by Epstein. Only last month, the Prince let himself in there for a night during an unannounced break from a visit to do good works for America's Outward Bound programme.
Anxious to distance her ex-husband from Ghislaine and Epstein, it was Fergie's suggestion that in the future Andrew stay at a vast apartment Sir Evelyn and his wife are renovating in a castle-like East River tower.
'The hotel was a stopgap because the apartment isn't finished,' said Fergie's friend. 'There is going to be a very determined effort to break the hold that Ghislaine and her set have over him and to make it known that he is a serious person."

Peter Mandelson and Ghislaine Maxwell are mentioned in a 2001 Guardian article about the rehabilitation of Prince Andrew’s images and his return to public life. ~ 60

2001 is when Prince Andrew transitioned from his position in the British Navy to a diplomatic role as a British trade envoy. It appears Peter Mandelson helped facilitate the pivot. It also appears that his appointment as trade envoy marks a period in which his contact with Epstein becomes much more frequent.

There is some ambiguity as to Prince Andrew’s appearance in the flight logs due to him being listed under the initial's A P. According to one pilot David Rogers, the initial’s had been used for Epstein’s chef Adam Perry in 1998. There are multiple trips made in 1998 and 1999 by an A P, though it’s hard to know exactly when A P became Prince Andrew, or if it continued to be used interchangeably with Epstein’s chef.

It does seem likely Andrew travelled at least once with Epstein before August 29th 1999, when Lynn allegedly introduced him to Epstein. On April 11th that year an A P, Epstein, Maxwell, and a ‘Charles’ flew from Miami to New Jersey.

~ 26, page 491

Lynn Forester de Rothschild's Flights with Epstein

She appears in Epstein's flight log five times through the course of 1997 and 1998.

First Flight

The first trip is on Feb 17th 1997, travelling from West Palm Beach to Teterboro with six others: Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Glenn Dubin, Celina Dubin, Eva Dubin, and her son Ben Stein Forester, eleven at the time.

~ 26, page 471

Second Flight

Her second on June 21st 1997, travelling from Teterboro, New Jersey to Martha’s Vineyard with two other passengers: Jeffrey Epstein and Heather Mann.

~ 26, page 473

As previously mentioned, Lynn owns an estate at Martha’s Vineyard which was used to host a birthday party for her future husband Evelyn Rothschild in 1999, attended by both Prince Andrew and President Clinton.
The third passenger, Heather Mann, is a model who began dating Prince Andrew in 1998. Prince Andrew was introduced to Heather Mann by his former wife, Sarah Ferguson.~ 61.
But it appears Sarah Ferguson was introduced to Heather Mann by Jeffrey Epstein.

On 21 June 1997 Jeffrey Epstein, Lynn Forester, and Heather Mann fly together to Martha's Vineyard

On 17 August 1997 Jeffrey Epstein and Heather Mann fly to Martha's Vineyard

~ 26, page 474

On 16 April 1998 Jeffrey Epstein is recorded as having met privately with Sarah Fergison.

~ 26, page 347

Prince Andrew then begins dating Heather Mann sometime during 1998.

Third Flight

A third trip on November 7th 1997, travelling from Teterboro New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida with one other passenger, Jeffrey Epstein.

~ 26, page 476

Fourth Flight

Her fourth flight is on September 25th 1998, travelling from Teterboro New Jersey to Washington DC returning the same day with one other passenger, Jeffrey Epstein.

~ 26, page 485

This flight is interesting. Since it was to Washington, departing and returning the same day, with the only passengers being herself and Epstein; it’s fair to speculate the purpose pertained to a specific matter in relation to a branch of government, or at least insinuates as much.
Firstly, It’s highly unlikely the purpose was to meet with either of the Clinton’s. I checked both their daily schedules for 25th Sept 1998. Bill was in press conferences from 8am before flying out of state at 9am, and Hillary was already out of state. Neither returned to Washington. If they did meet with Bill, it would’ve been briefly prior to 8am. This seems unlikely.

Lynn was a member of the National Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee for the Clinton Administration since 1992, though I'm unsure if she still held this position after 1996.

Epstein did have an on going matter involving the State Department at this time though. He had been in an ongoing legal dispute with the with them over a property that formerly housed the Iranian embassy, which the department had leased Epstein in 1992 and he had sub-leased to another tenant at a profit in 1996. ~ 62

On Sept 22nd 1998 Epstein’s lawyer files “Certificate of service of Second Amended S&C as to Jeffrey E. Epstein by Steven Cohen, atty, on 12/23/97 ”, which appears to be an amendment by Epstein’s lawyer to an original filing in 1997 of their counter-suit against the State Department. I could be wrong.But it's filed three days prior to Lynn and Epstein's flight to the Capitol.

This case is then settled some months laters on Feb 3rd 1999 - “The United States Dept of State shall keep the security deposit of Jeffrey E. Epstein in the principal amount of $12,000.00, plus all interest accrued thereon ; Upon the release of the escrowed monies set forth in this order and the delivery of the certified check set forth herein, the Government will file an order of dismissal with the Court dismissing the action against all defendants except Diane Fisher ” ~ 62

Epstein had been renting the State Department property for $15,000/m and subletting it for $20,000/m, netting him a monthly $5000 profit. ~ 63

“things went sour when the government sued Epstein in the Southern District of New York, alleging that he had at one point failed to pay the rent on time and had violated the lease by moving out in early 1996 and subletting the place without the State Department’s permission.
. . .An eviction order was served on July 16, 1998, and the marshal noted on the service receipt that the tenants had moved out. ”
~ 63

If we are to place “early 1996” as far forward as April, Epstein sublet the property for a total of 24 months. That’s $120,000 in profit. Even after deducting legal fees it’s fair to argue losing the $12,000 bond was a favourable outcome for him.

The case does seem rather insignificant and I’m inclined to believe this was unrelated. Though possibly there’s more to the case than meets the eye.

Fifth Flight

The final recorded flight was on the 29th of November 1998, flying from Miami to New Jersey, passengers being: Jeffrey Epstein, Mark Epstein, Ghislaine maxwell, Lynn Forester, Glenn Dubin, Celina Dubin, and Eva Andersson-Dubin.

~26, page 487

Four of Lynn Forester de Rothschild's Flights Sealed

There have been two releases of Epstein's flight logs. A partially sealed version submitted as part of Virginia Giuffre's 2015 lawsuit. This version was then unsealed in 2019 and is the one I've been referencing. The sealed 2015 version, which is the most readily available when searched for online, only contains the fourth flight taken by Lynn on the 25th of September 1998, the trip to Washington.
This is because the sealed version removes all the pages prior to December 14 1997. It includes pages beginning from this date until the 20th of November 1998, after which all pages are then sealed again until March 23 1999, from which point all pages are then included for the next seven years until 2006.
The flight logs were originally submitted as part of Virginia Giuffre's 2015 lawsuit. A court order sealed pages logging flights for the following periods.

2015 Sealed Version
First sealed period - 17 November 1995 - 14 December 1997 (three Lynn flights)
First unsealed period- 14 December 1997 - 20 November 1998 (one Lynn flight)
Second sealed period - 20 November 1998 - 23 March 1999 (one Lynn flight)
Second unsealed period - 23 March 1999 - 19 Janurary 2006 (zero Lynn flights)

This begs the question, is there any significance to December 17th 1997 and November 20th 1998 being the start and end dates for the first sealed period?

As it happens, not only does the sealed version exclude four of Lynn Forester de Rothschild's five flights, but her third flight is listed on the final page of the first sealed period, and her fifth flight is listed on the first page of the second second period.

Lynn's third flight on November 7th 1997 is logged on the last sealed page of the first redacted period (17-11-95 until 14-12-97). The very next page in the flight log begins the first unsealed period on December 14th 1997.

Lynn's fifth flight on November 29th 1998 is logged on the very first page of the second sealed period (20-11-98 until 23-03-99). The page before it ends the first unsealed period, which had began on the page directly after her third flight.

To put it clearly, both her third and fifth flights are recorded on pages directly either side, and thus excluded from, the first unsealed period of the flight logs. Her third flight marks its beginning, her fifth flight marks its end; excluding all her logs but one.

This is verified by comparing the 2015 Sealed Flight log to the unsealed one ~ 26.

A claim by key witness Maria Farmer

Maria Farmer first reported Epstein to the FBI in 1996 after she was introduced to Epstein by Eileen Guggenheim who worked at the Academy of Art NY. The FBI did not follow up on her claims at the time, which have clearly been proven true. ~ 64

Then in 2002 both her and her sister attempted to go public in an interview given to Vanity Fair journalist Vicky Ward. Ward did publish an article on Epstein in March 2003. ~ 65
However, according to Vicky Ward the editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, refused to publish the inclusion of the interview with the Farmer sister’s. ~ 67

Farmer's credibility may be questioned by those uncomfortable with how brazenly she accounts for the scope of Epstein's operation, possibly more so with how she conceptualises the nature of it.
However, I would think that after experiencing such a thing as she, and having been ignored by law enforcement and media outlets upon attempts to report it; it is understandable she would harbour the sort of mistrust for authority that opens a door to all kinds of alternative world views; who the professional class readership of papers of record would easily disregard the credibility of.
But those who would disregard what she has to say based off her life experiences, must too reckon with what she has been proven to be right about, which they then too would’ve called her crazy for.

With that said.

In a 2020 interview with Shaun Attwood Maria Farmer stated that Ghislaine Maxwell told her that the Rothchild family were the protectors of her family, but that they had also killed her father. ~ 68

Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell, was using Rothschild Inc to facilitate the mergers and acquisitions of his media empire through the 1980s ~ 69 . Rothschild Inc was also also Robert Maxwell's primary creditor at the time of his death. ~ 70 , 71.

"The Financial Times quoted Robert Pirie, president of Rothschild Inc. and Maxwell’s principal investment banker, as saying, “Bob used to go swimming all the time without telling anybody. . . He would just go down the ramp and take a swim, and it used to scare the hell out of his crew. I think he probably just went for a swim.”
~ 70

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Deutschebank, and Jeffrey Epstein

In 2013 Deutschebank co-chief executive Anshu Jain appointed both Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Peter Mandelson to the Alfred Herrhausen Society board of trustees ~ 72. At the time Anshu Jain was attempting to expand the banks American clientele ~ 76

"Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is also a new member of the Board of Trustees, and the aristocrat is, among other things, director of the business magazine "Economist". Jain also chose the representatives of politics wisely. For the Federal Government, The Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, Anne-Ruth Herkes, holds the position. Jain is approaching the SPD through the economist Henrik Enderlein, who advises the party leadership. But Jain also maintains contacts internationally. He has brought Lord Peter Mandelson to the Board of Trustees, a member of the House of Lords and a former EU trade commissioner." ~ 72, German - English translation.

Jain’s appointments of Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Peter Mandelson were made just before July 13, the date Der Spiegel reported it.
A around a month later, in August 2013, Jeffrey Epstein was brought on as a client by a Deutschebank client manager named Paul Morris. Epstein remained a client until 2018. ~ 73 , 74

“RELATIONSHIP MANAGER-1,” who brought Mr. Epstein into Deutsche Bank, is Paul Morris, who had previously helped manage the Epstein account at JPMorgan. Despite Mr. Epstein’s conviction in 2008 of soliciting prostitution from a minor and widespread press coverage of his involvement with underage girls, Mr. Morris in 2013 introduced Mr. Epstein to his Deutsche Bank bosses as “a potential client who could generate millions of dollars of revenue as well as leads for other lucrative clients to the bank,” according to the consent order. ~ 74

“According to the settlement, an unnamed executive emailed the manager(Morris) in charge of the relationship with Mr. Epstein in 2013, before any accounts were opened. The executive said that he had spoken to two other top bank officials and that neither had suggested that a relationship with Mr. Epstein required a risk review. ”
~ 75

In 2020 Deutschebank was fined $150 million after it settled a lawsuit charging it with 'overlooking' suspicious activity on Epstein's account. ~ 74

“Once the Epstein relationship was underway, Deutsche Bank executives ignored repeated red flags, including suspiciously large cash withdrawals and 120 wire transfers totaling $2.65 million to women with Eastern European surnames and people who had been publicly identified as Mr. Epstein’s co-conspirators, according to the consent order." ~ 74

This first case was settled in early July. Not long after on July 15th, Deutschebank investors filed a class action suit against the bank, citing the bank's executive facilitation of high risk clients, primarily Jeffrey Epstein, as culpable for a decline in stock price. ~ 76
The case was assigned to Judge Esther Salas, whose husband and son where shot four days later by an anti-feminist lawyer named Roy Hollander, who had rung the family's doorbell dressed in a FedEx uniform. Hollander was later found dead inside his car of an apparent suicide. Judge Salas’s son was killed in the incident. ~ 77

Donald Trump was also pursued as part of Anshu Jain US clientele expansion in 2013.

“His successor, Anshu Jain, was briefed on the Trump relationship early in his tenure. In February 2013, Mr. Jain accompanied Rosemary T. Vrablic — Mr. Trump’s personal banker at Deutsche Bank — to Trump Tower in Manhattan, according to two former executives. Over lunch, Mr. Jain remarked to Mr. Trump that he was surprised by his relatively low levels of debt. Ms. Vrablic told her colleagues that Mr. Jain had sounded upbeat about Mr. Trump’s finances. ” ~ 78

Trumps account was managed by Vrablic and her superior Thomas Bowers. Bowers signed off on numerous loans in the lead up to Trump's Presidency. ~ 79
In 2019 Bowers was found dead from an apparent suicide. ~ 80

Back in 2014 a Duetschebank executive named William S. Broeksmit had been working with the FBI as a whistleblower before being found dead from an apparent suicide. ~ 81

The Council For Inclusive Capitalism

When Lynn Forester became Lady Rothschild she entered the world of old money: foundations, think tanks, policy institutes, and other NGOs. She’s a member of the standard network of Anglo-American establishment groups: Council on Foreign Relations, Chatham House, and Institute for Strategic Studies.
But her preoccupation since 2013 has been the incubation of a corporate governance institute formed in response to the 2008 financial crises. It is called the Council on Inclusive Capitalism(now in partnership with the Vatican), with a self described mission statement to replace shareholder control with stakeholder control. Its focus is policy that governs how corporations relate to society external to the market, often called Environmental, Social, and Governance policy, or ESG. This is important because as corporations gain perpetual power, their policies determining how they relate to people, not just as consumers but as citizens, becomes an evermore primary influential or coercive factor on the cultural zeitgeist.

What’s going on here is complex as the system of corporate governance is rather complex. This system is explained in depth here: Seperation of control from ownership

A collection of world's most powerful CEOs have committed their corporations to Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s Inclusive Capitalism council, placing their employee's under the governance of its corporate social responsibility guidelines.These guidelines are not set by politicians or shareholders of the corporation, but by advisory panels internally determined by Inclusive Captialism.
These policies are then actualised through custodian banks, who hold custody over trillions of dollars worth of corporate stock, purchased and coordinated into voting blocks by mutual funds directing the flow of the aggregated capital taken from retirement funds all round the world.

The custodian banks, in some cases the mutual funds themselves depending on the arrangement, vote the proxy of all this stock on behalf the holders, predominantly the middle class, thereby electing the board of directors who elect the CEO, who in turn commits their corporation to a governance institute such as Inclusive Capitalism to provide a governing framework for their employees.
Inclusive Capitalism is to the corporation what the Church was to Monarchy, a moral conscious providing a mandate for power, ostensibly on behalf of the people. The only difference is the absence of divinity, as ordination is performed unceremoniously by statisticians in dark rooms full of information, from which light shines out not in.

It is easy to see how critical fund managers are to the process of controlling corporations. Perhaps you could argue, if not now then very soon, that controlling fund managers is just as important as controlling politicians, if one were to actualise changes within society. Combine this secular mandate control in divine partnership with the Church, and one would have constructed an information authority of the broadest scope, with a mandate for change, should disaster necessitate it, or perhaps, some kind of reset.