Who was Jeffrey Epstein and who were his clients?

Two contact books belonging to Jeffrey Epstein have been leaked to the public. No more, no less. The one infamously referred to as Epstein’s “little black book” was leaked by Gawker in 2015 and listed his contacts from around 2005. A second “little black book” listing Epstein’s contacts from 1997 was also made public by Business Insider in 2021.

  1. 2005 black book (released 2015 unredacted)
  2. 1997 black book (released 2021 redacted)

In these you’ll find the surnames of families making up a fraternity of financial interests that constitute the modern western oligarchy. You'll also find the more familiar names of public figures who manage the institutions these oligarchs stay a few degrees removed from to keep up the appearances of institutional independence, and further more, western democracy. Oligarchs like David Rockefeller Jr. and Evelyn de Rothschild. Their managers like Henry Kissinger and Peter Mandelson.

It’s this latter managerial class used by oligarchs to interface with institutions Epstein moved in. Though his role was a little different. Blackmail is used by oligarchs to keep their managers loyal and obedient. As giving them the appearances of power for ratification purposes in a dummy democracy can easily lead to them usurping the real thing. Pedophilia is particularly potent in this regard due to the extent it is taboo. Facilitating this was Jeffrey Epstein’s function and why the circumstances surrounding him have confounded those who cannot square this practice with the theory of governance they were taught in high school. Which was democratic and incorrect.

Here is a private email sent to an oligarch by one of their managers in 2010 to illustrate this power dynamic going on behind the scenes.

Epstein also provided pimping services to at least one old money family in New York according to his flight logs. In 1998 Epstein took two females on the Lolita express to visit 90 year old banking scion Paul Mellon at his horse ranch.

There have been three versions of passenger logs taken from Epstein’s private jet released to public. A partial release by Gawker in 2015 which redacted entries prior to December 1997 as well as from other intermittent periods after that. Followed by a more expansive release in 2019 of unredacted passenger logs from 1995 to 2013. And then a third release in 2021 of passenger flights covering the period just prior to this, 1991-1995. There was no private airstrip on Epstein's island. People arrived by boat or helicopter. The only thing in the flight logs are trips to an airport elsewhere in the U.S Virgin Islands. While it can be reasonably assumed that this equates to visits to Little St. James Island, there are technically no records of this.

All up a flight list of passenger logs from 1991-2013 is available to the public. A total of twenty-two years of Epstein associations. This along with Epstein's two contact books is everything people need to understand the Epstein case.

  1. Epstein Passenger Logs: 1991-1995 (released 2021)
  2. Epstein Passenger Logs: 1995-2013 (released 2019)
  3. Epstein Passenger Logs: 1997-2005 (released 2015)

The amount of publicly available information on this case surpasses that of almost any other of its likeness and significance. Despite this, it has somehow found its way into popular culture that all this information has in fact been covered up. Which is itself a clever cover up of the fact this information is publicly available. It’s a strange retooling of the streiistand effect, whereby instead of suppression, amplification is used to draw attention in such a way as to give a pop culture impression we are yet to discover what has already been discovered. Probably intentional, as leading a chorus of idiots to the lyrics of this we find the spooky South African Elon Musk.

The Epstein case was too big to cover up by 2019. So instead it was contained with a limited hangout that winked at the CIA or Mossad. The connections were there so naturally conspiracy researchers approached the case from this parallax but couldn’t come up with any explanation that made sense. So Epstein worked for Mossad. . .and Mossad works for the Israeli government(if not then who?). . .and the person in charge of the Israeli government is the Prime Minister(if not then who?). . .but then the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was being blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein. Very confusing circular logic that doesn’t help anyone understand the real questions, the ones in parentheses. Every time the spy agency explanation is given, it’s with bated breath and the conversation leads no where except into the dense history of 20th century intelligence operations. It’s like the conspiracy theory equivalent of explaining economic inequality by pointing the finger at capitalist greed. Sure the connections to Mossad are there. But only because Mossad and Epstein worked for the same people.

So who did Jeffrey Epstein work for?

All the evidence points towards the Rothschild family. Roll your eyes if you must but keep on reading.

Many don’t know this, but King Charles appears to have flown with Prince Andrew on Epstein’s private jet as well.

All of Jeffrey Epstein's primary contacts were either apart of or worked directly for the Rothschild family. You will not find any where near the amount of evidence I've just listed tying Epstein to either the CIA or Mossad. Thus, it's most reasonable to assume Jeffrey Epstein worked for the Rothschild family. I cannot produce actual payslips made out to Epstein by this family for services rendered in sexual blackmail. So this is perhaps only allegedly true.

Who arranged Jeffrey Epstein’s murder?

That would be Attorney General William Barr, the man overseeing the Federal Bureau of Prisons in charge of the prison Epstein died in. Barr was appointed to this position by Donald Trump in February 2019, a few months before Epstein’s arrest in July. The appointment is interesting because Trump started to appear on Epstein’s flight logs in the early 1990s right around the time, I shit you not, he was bailed out of bankruptcy by the Rothschilds. This had been handled by Wilbur Ross who refinanced Trump’s debt obligations as an agent of Rothschild Inc. during that period. Trump would later make Wilbur his Secretary of Commerce, one of his few appointments never fired and served a full term.

The circumstances of Epstein’s death are about as well-documented as Williams Barr’s history as a cleaner mopping up the blowback from Iran-Contra and BCCI during the early 1990s. Barr stuck to the suicide story and explained the rest away as, I quote, “a perfect storm of screw-ups”. Barr was getting too old to care and went back to his spook activities in the private sector the very next year.

Who had Jeffrey Epstein killed?

Probably the Rothschilds. Apparently Ghislaine had been under the impression they killed her father. There’s evidence linking Epstein to NY families like Guggenheim, Mellon, or Rockefeller that could've got the job done.

In 2016 Lynn Forester de Rothschild became the powerbroker behind Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. Jeffrey Epstein was directly linked to just about everyone in that election. The sausage making of democracy.